‘Friends’ Easter Eggs Are Popping Up All Over Google In Honor Of 25th Anniversary: Here’s How To Find Them

Friends is getting Googled for its milestone birthday. In honor of the 25th anniversary of the NBC sitcom, Google has created seven Friends-inspired Easter eggs that will have fans reminiscing about some of the most memorable moments from the classic TV comedy.

By searching the full names of the six Friends characters on Google, fans of the beloved sitcom will find coordinating clickable icons on the right-hand panel of the results page. Some of the character searches come with sound effects, while others take you right to relevant searches, according to Entertainment Tonight.

A search for Phoebe Buffay, the character played by Lisa Kudrow, brings up a guitar icon and audio of Kudrow performing the coffeehouse singer’s signature song, “Smelly Cat.”

A look for Ross Geller gives fans David Schwimmer’s “Pivot!” joke from the famous couch moving episode, complete with a sideways screen.

Type in Joey Tribbiani and you’ll get a screen full of pizza, fried chicken, burgers and more as Matt LeBlanc’s character reminds you he “doesn’t share food!”

As for Chandler Bing, a search for his name brings up the character’s favorite brown armchair and his noisy former pets, a chick and a duck.

A Monica Geller search reminds fans of Courteney Cox’s character’s obsession with cleanliness, so a bucket of soapy suds and a sponge pop up to clean your screen.

And finally, Google “Rachel Green” and you’ll turn up a pic of Jennifer Aniston’s famous Rachel haircut as a click on the icon brings up a screen full of articles about the 1990s favorite ‘do. (Fun fact: Aniston actually hated the cut, and even told Allure the Rachel wasn’t her best look. “I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen,” she said.)

As a bonus, fans who type in “Friends glossary” (no quotation marks needed) will unleash a dictionary of iconic Friends words and phrases, including “unfloopy,” “phalange,” and the iconic relationship status term, “on a break.”

The Google tribute is the latest in a long line of creative ways the 25th anniversary of the Emmy-winning sitcom is being celebrated all across the world.

The silver anniversary of Friends has already been honored with a Pottery Barn furniture and accessories collection. In addition, Target has now debuted a Friends clothing line, and there’s also a Friends Lego set available. Fans can also look for Central Perk coffee in honor of the New York City hangout the cast routinely hung out at, as well as Alex and Ani bangles and charms that feature catchphrases from the show.

Friends debuted on September 22, 1994, on NBC.

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