Rob Kardashian Is In Court For Reportedly Threatening To Hire A Hitman In Blac Chyna Battle

Rob Kardashian was in court on Friday to respond to claims that he had threatened to hire a hitman to kill Blac Chyna’s friend, Pilot Jones. Chyna’s former BFF says that Kardashian threatened him with physical harm and outed him as a gay man, but Kardashian says that Jones never took the messages containing the threats seriously.

According to The Blast, Jones filed court documents accusing Kardashian of communicating in a group text in a threatening and homophobic way. The reality star appeared in court to refute the claims.

“Although Plaintiff argues that the Group Texts include ‘true and direct threats of harm’ and are therefore not protected speech the argument is disingenuous because Plaintiff never took the so-called threats seriously,” the court documents read.

Kardashian said that Jones sent a text that claimed he wasn’t intimidated by any threats and asserted that he had been a good friend to Chyna.

“Moreover, and further showing that Plaintiff did not perceive the Group Texts to be threatening, it is undisputed that, rather than retreat from the so-called confrontation with Kardashian, Plaintiff proceeded to pursue publicity about it,” the documents continue.

In fact, Kardashian’s lawyers claim, Jones enjoyed the attention and used it to gain notoriety.

“Far from ducking the limelight, Plaintiff exploited the controversy and related publicity as a form of self-promotion in the entertainment industry,” the documents claim.

The exchange started after Jones that a photo of him and Chyna making out was leaked. Kardashian accused Jones of selling the photo and, in retaliation, released his phone number and revealed that Jones was bisexual. Jones said that the events destroyed his life and he is seeking $2 million in damages.

Chyna has refuted the accusations as well, saying that she had seen Jones openly kiss other men in public, so his bisexuality wasn’t a secret. She said that her and Kardashian’s references to his sexuality were based on these public displays.

While the couple has gone through an intense separation, Kardashian and Chyna seemed to have reached an equilibrium these days.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the two most recently battled over their daughter, Dream. Chyna wanted her to appear on her newest reality show, The Real Blac Chyna, but Kardashian was against it, going so far as to send a legal letter to Chyna’s attorney.

While Chyna was clearly upset by the move, judging from her response on social media, the two seem to have mended fences and found a good place. That friendship may come in handy as they battle against Pilot in court.

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