‘The View’ Clash: Meghan McCain Calls Co-Host ‘So Rude’ After Ana Navarro Tells Her ‘Don’t Scream At Me!’

Friday morning’s episode of The View contained some intense moments as a discussion among the ladies at the table led to a fiery faceoff. The topic of discussion was the current story about the whistleblower situation playing out in Washington, D.C. and things took a loud, heated turn as the talk progressed.

Mediaite shared a clip that shows Meghan McCain taking charge of the discussion at one point as the other co-hosts of The View pipe in when they could. Meghan said that while the left seems to consider Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to be fine, she thinks he’s a terrorist.

This statement caused some confusion for Joy, who said she completely disagrees with the characterization that liberals embrace Assange’s actions. Later in the conversation, Ana said that she has a problem with both Assange and the current whistleblower situation, but she thinks there’s a significant difference between the two.

Some viewers may have missed the quick moment that came about 2 minutes and 35 seconds into the segment in which Meghan tried to interject as Ana talked. Joy quietly pointed to Meghan and basically motioned to her to step back, noting that Ana was talking. Meghan gave Joy quite the facial expression, clearly not appreciating Joy making an effort to ensure Ana had the floor to speak.

Later in the clip, Navarro got feisty as she talked about what she feels are efforts by the administration to distract the country. She mentioned Rudy Giuliani’s bizarre Thursday night interview and noted a recent revelation about White House adviser Stephen Miller’s dating life.


McCain said she didn’t know what that meant as the audience laughed, and Navarro seemingly teased Meghan about her sense of humor. As the segment continued, the two ladies ended up talking over one another.

Meghan exclaimed a loud “Excuse me!” toward Navarro, and then Ana retorted with something Meghan couldn’t hear.

When Meghan asked Ana to repeat what she’d said, Navarro said that she had told her View co-host not to scream at her, as she’s just two feet away. The show pulled away and transitioned into a break at this point, but Meghan could be heard commenting under her breath that Ana had been rude.

This isn’t the first time that Meghan’s opinions have generated a backlash. As The Inquisitr detailed just a week ago, McCain made comments about how Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner crashed her father’s funeral. She said that the pair are simply not nice people, with the White House quickly releasing a statement criticizing The View personality’s words.

Things frequently get heated among The View co-hosts during their initial chat, especially when anything political is discussed. It’s not uncommon for Meghan McCain to find herself in the center of these intense disputes, and it seems as if she may not quite be accustomed to Ana Navarro’s willingness to tell it as she sees it.

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