Kim Kardashian Reportedly Slammed By Wyoming Neighbors For Chasing Antelopes On An ATV

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Kim Kardashian’s neighbors at their pricey Cody, Wyoming ranch are upset with the reality star for using their ATV’s to chase some wild antelope in the area. According to a source who spoke to Radar Online, Kim and Kanye West’s new neighbors aren’t thrilled with the couple moving their family into the area, and they are making their concerns known.

Kanye and Kim bought a $14 million, 1,442-acre ranch in northwest Wyoming outside of Yellowstone National Park, and as one might expect, there is plenty of wildlife roaming around the area. On Sunday, the makeup mogul posted a video of herself riding behind and next to a heard of antelope as they ran across the high desert landscape.

Apparently, nearby residents were upset with the video — as were fans who follow Kim’s social media. RO spoke with a Public Information Officer for the Cody Police Department, who said that while it isn’t illegal to do what she did, the whole Kardashian family will need to learn how to fit in with the community.

The officer said that there is “no law against chasing them or riding alongside [antelope].”

But that doesn’t mean people were happy to see it happen. The local community is apparently close and they don’t always welcome strangers.

“Residents are set in their ways,” the officer said. “It’ll be a learning curve for them to get used to the way people are around here.”

Cody is a small area with fewer than 10,000 residents, and some of those people are worried that the Hollywood stars will change the dynamic of the community.

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“It is a quiet place,” the officer said. “There are some who are upset about the move. Some are apprehensive. Because of their notoriety and headlines, people are scratching their heads. People don’t like when you move from out of state and try to change the way the people are around here. The residents are down to earth and private.”

That doesn’t mean everyone is angry about the new residents. The officer said that most people aren’t too worried about the new family as they are far away from the town itself and aren’t close to any other residents. He wished them happiness in their new home.

It’s not the first report that Kim isn’t the perfect neighbor in recent days. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Tori Spelling apparently tried to make nice with her reality star neighbor in Los Angeles, only to be rebuffed.