iOS 13 Released: How To Download, Get Dark Mode & Other Features Without Buying Pricey iPhone 11

Apple fans might be anticipating the arrival of their shiny new iPhone 11, which are scheduled to arrive on doorsteps of early adopters and in stores tomorrow, but Apple has something to offer to existing iPhone users Thursday: the release of iOS 13.

As The Inquisitr noted yesterday, early reviewers of the iPhone 11 Pro say that the new Apple smartphone has the best cameras of any smartphone currently on the market. The high-end iPhone Pro models have a three-camera set up that allows users to take photos using three lenses: an ultra-wide, a wide, and a telephoto zoom.

But not every iPhone user is a pro photographer, or has the $999 on hand to shell out on upgrading to Apple’s new flagship offering (the cheaper iPhone 11 is priced at a more affordable at $699 but lacks some of the more expensive model’s camera features).

Many users, however, will likely be satisfied by the company’s latest software update, released by the company at 1 p.m. Thursday, which provides many long-awaited features, including dark mode.

At its annual June conference for software developers, the company announced that its products would finally support a dark mode, which trades in iOS’ classic stark-white interface for a more subdued almost-black version. Apple has redesigned nearly every element, including its wallpapers, to fit with its new dark interface.

Third-party app developers, even ones who already have in-app dark mode options, will have to release their own updates for users to automatically have the dark version of their app when they shift their phones into dark mode on the system level.

Users not fond of the new look will still be able to use the default bright-white interface. The change can be made in the device’s settings or in the Control Center.

Although the software update won’t give users the iPhone 11’s high-tech cameras, Apple has promised that the update will provide improvements to the camera experience on older iPhones. iOS 13 will allow users more control over lighting in Portrait Mode photos in addition to new Portrait Mode effects.

The update will allow users to make more edits to videos within the native photos app, including the ability to crop videos and make adjustments to lighting and coloring.

Apple also promises a slew of new privacy and security features in addition to improvements to Apple Maps, which the company says are more detailed and contain an advanced street view.

iOS 13 is supported by most devices that supported iOS 12, which Apple released last year. iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, and XR support the new software.

iPhone models released prior to the iPhone 6S, including the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – released by the Cupertino, California company in 2014 – are no longer able to support the latest version of Apple’s software.

iPad users will get an iPad-tinged version of the new operating system, now named iPad OS. The new version of the iPad software, which features advanced multitasking features, also gets other iOS features, including dark mode. A list of iPad models that support iPad OS 13 can be found on Apple’s website. That update will be available on September 24, per Apple.

To download the software update, users should navigate to the settings app and click on “General” where the “Software Update” option will appear. Once that is selected, users should see an option to upgrade to iOS 13.

Individuals who have automatic updates turned on will most likely see the update installed overnight, when their iPhone or iPad is plugged in and connected to a WiFi network.

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