Olympian Shawn Johnson Shows Off Ready-To-Pop Baby Bump In Adorable Dance Video With Her Husband

Neilson BarnardGetty Images for Dove

Shawn Johnson’s baby bump may be ready to pop, but it’s never too late for the Olympian to get in a bit of dancing.

Shawn took to Instagram to share a video of herself and husband Andrew East in an adorable synchronized dance. The clip showed that the gold-medal winning gymnast is still light on her feet even as she’s nine months pregnant, and could come as a sigh of relief to fans after some troubling news earlier in her pregnancy.

The video drew a big reaction from the Olympian’s followers, attracting thousands of likes and supportive comments from those who can’t wait to meet the baby.

As The Inquisitr reported, the 27-year-old gymnastics star opened up to fans back in July about complications she was having in her first pregnancy. Shawn said she and Andrew had been trying for a child for quite some time and had suffered a miscarriage the previous year. While Shawn was finally able to conceive, the pregnancy has had its share of difficulties.

Shawn and Andrew share much of their personal lives with fans through their YouTube channel, The East Family. They had publicly announced the pregnancy back in April in an emotional video, but a few months later shared a more serious development. Shawn told fans that her 20-week ultrasound revealed that the baby’s kidneys were not developing properly and that the baby could be born with life-threatening complications.

After some tense weeks, Shawn and her husband got some relieving news at another visit — the baby’s kidneys had reached a regular size and the rest of the growth appeared normal. Shawn went through some further testing to determine if the baby would be born with any genetic complications, but that came back negative as well.

“We were celebrating because there was so much fear that we felt like was relieved when we found out that the baby didn’t have the predicted complications,” Shawn shared with followers. “Not that we wouldn’t have been excited had they had complications to have a baby, but it definitely changes things.”

Shawn and Andrew have been sharing a lot during the pregnancy, with the Olympic gold medalist regularly taking to Instagram to post updates and give a glimpse of her heavily modified workouts as she awaits the little one to arrive.

That included some shots from her recent baby shower, with Shawn afterward posting some sweet pictures together with Andrew.

Those who want to see more from Shawn — including plenty of snaps of her ever-growing baby bump — can check out her Instagram page. The baby is due in October, and the gender will be a surprise to everyone involved, as the couple said they don’t want to know ahead of time.