Best Recurring ‘Arrested Development’ Character Confirmed For Season 4

Gene Parmesan party bear

Arrested Development fans rejoice! The absolute best recurring character has officially signed on for Season 4!

Looks like it’s just some guy …

No! It’s Gene Parmesan! AHHH HE DID IT AGAIN!

That’s right, private investigator and master of disguise Gene Parmesan will be returning for Arrested Development season 4, confirmed in an interview with Jessica Walter (AKA Lucille Bluth) for Vulture.

In the piece, for which they discuss Lucille’s most memorable GIFs, Walter spills the beans that Martin Mull’s fan favorite recurring character will return when the series revival goes live on Netflix.

“First of all, Martin Mull, who plays Gene, is so adorable,” Walter said of her reaction GIF to Gene Parmesan’s appearance (posted below).

“I did like getting to smile and scream. You know, there’s something very little-girly about Lucille. I don’t see her as any kind of a villain. She gets excited about these surprises of his because I believe that’s how she’d react!”

Walter said that she’d be doing her famous reaction again in Season 4. “Gene comes back,” she said. “He’s in our new season. He fools me again! I couldn’t wait to film that episode, truly.”

Here’s that GIF, by the way:

Lucille GIF

She also revealed an interesting bit of trivia about the infamous “chicken dance.” In case you’re rusty on your Arrested Development mythology, each character has their own interpretation of the “chicken dance,” and none of them are anything resembling an actual chicken.

chicken dance

“We all had to come up with our own dance. All I could think was to flap my wings,” Walter joked. “I did also think about Lucille always being a little bit tipsy during the day and what that might look like while she’s doing this chicken thing. Somehow the coodle doodle doo came out.”

Arrested Development Season 4 premieres exclusively on Netflix in May 2013. Are you excited for Gene Parmesan’s return?