Rebel Wilson Hints At 'Pitch Perfect 4' & The Bellas Are Aca-Ready

Anna Harnes

Social media is freaking out after Rebel Wilson hinted that there might be some aca-action on the long-desired fourth Pitch Perfect movie. The comedic actress posted a picture teasing the possible film, and the rest of the Barden Bella family did not disappoint in their reactions.

The first Pitch Perfect movie came out in 2012 to immediate success. The film, which starred Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, and Anna Camp in addition to the aforementioned Wilson, quickly earned more than $115 million worldwide on a $17 million budget.

It was also a huge personal success for actress Elizabeth Banks, who acted in and produced the movie. Since then, Banks has gone from strength to strength, producing the highly-anticipated Charlie's Angels movie, as well as a new series based on the Flintstones, as reported by The Inquisitr.

The plot of Pitch Perfect followed Kendrick, a new freshman and aspiring DJ, as she entered the world of college acapella and helped her group, the Barden Bellas, adapt to new music to win the collegiate championships.

The movie had many viral moments, taking advantage of popular music to appeal to audiences. For example, the song "Cups" by Anna Kendrick, which was used in the movie as Kendrick's audition to the Bellas, has received an eye-watering 482 million views on YouTube.

Since then, two other movies have been released in the Pitch Perfect family. The sequel was released in 2015 and earned close to a whopping $288 million worldwide.

The third film came two years later. However, it was plagued with poor reviews and a disappointing score of 30 percent on popular review website Rotten Tomatoes. Though still successful, it nonetheless earned considerably less than its predecessor, with a $185 million global haul.

With such a profitable track record, it's little surprise that a fourth movie could well be in the works. Rebel was sure to tease the possibility by posting a throwback of the Barden Bellas while asking "when's Pitch Perfect 4 again?"

But it was not just fans who were reacting. Other cast members of the Pitch Perfect movies quickly chimed in to pledge their support.

"Who's driving the Bella bus?" asked actress Chrissie Fit, who played Bella Flo Fuentes in the second and third films. She then added a volunteering emoji to her comment.

"Node-less and ready," seconded Brittany Snow, who played Chloe, one of the leaders of the group.

"Packing my bella scarf," added Ester Dean, who played singer Cynthia.

This is not the first time that Rebel has hinted about the fourth installment on social media. In fact a year ago, the Aussie star earned headlines after she posed with Camp, Snow, and Fit while making the number four sign.

Back then, Wilson claimed that the group was already trying to get the ball rolling on the next movie, and said that there was already "something in the works."

"I'm sure Universal is going to hate me for saying this. All us Bellas love each each other. We just want to work with each other. The girls are just awesome," Wilson explained, per Digital Spy.

"There's been a bit of rumors about whether there'll be a future for the franchise, and we've heard there might be, so we're very encouraging about it."

Hopefully, this newest Instagram tease means that something concrete has happened at last.