‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Stars Nicole Lopez-Alvar & Clay Harbor Reveal Their Hot Seat Was Cut From Reunion

John FleenorABC

Bachelor in Paradise stars Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor had one of the most shocking breakups in the history of the ABC dating show. So why was their reunion at the After the Final Rose finale taping not shown on the air?

Fans were waiting to see Nicole reunite with Clay after they ended their relationship at the usual proposal site in Mexico on the Bachelor in Paradise finale. After Nicole professed her love for Clay, he said he was just “starting” to fall in love with her and needed more time. The Miami beauty ended up leaving Paradise without a rose or a ring as she declared she deserved a love so deep that the ocean would be jealous of it.

The After the Final Rose reunion episode taped two months later featured updates on other couples such as Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour, and Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski, as The Inquisitr reported. But Nicole and Clay, the most highly anticipated update, were noticeably absent from the taping.

But it turns out they were actually both there and their hot seat was just cut.

According to E! News, the reality stars explained that their reunion was cut from the finished episode. Clay revealed that he even canceled vacation plans to attend the reunion after producers told him people “will want to know what happened.”

“Yes I was at the reunion they chose not to show my convo with Nicole,” the former NFL player tweeted. “I basically explained why I didn’t think we were far enough along to get engaged and that I really did want to continue to date and wished her luck with her new relationship.”

Nicole also revealed that she attended the reunion taping, and tweeted about her absence on the show to an inquiring fan.

“I think they cut my hot seat.”

Nicole and Clay’s time in Paradise was tumultuous. While they seemed like a solid couple, the arrival of Clay’s ex, Angela Amezcua, threw a wrench into things. In the end, he expressed “reservations” about jumping into an engagement after only a few weeks of dating.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Nicole reminded fans that everyone is worthy of finding their soulmate. She also seemed to throw shade at Clay’s indecisiveness about their relationship.

“When a man’s actions don’t line up with his words, when a man’s promises fall flat, and when a man dares to string you along (whether it’s for 16 days or for 8 months) knowing very well he does not see a future with you — we are better off on our own than loving a man who doesn’t know what he has when he has it,” she wrote.

While Nicole did not elaborate on the who guy in her life is that Clay alluded to, she did tease that she has “so much” she wants to “share” with her fans. So stay tuned.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on ABC.