Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lulu & Dustin Reconnect While Shiloh Takes Another Bold Step

Valerie DurantWalt Disney Television

General Hospital spoilers tease that viewers will get another dose of Dustin and Lulu together during Wednesday’s show. The September 18 show will also bring a new development with Shiloh, as Peter covertly meets with someone to try to find a way out of the Shiloh-related mess he’s in at the moment.

During Monday’s show, Lulu and Dustin hit the sheets in a wild and spontaneous moment. She was horrified when her mom Laura walked in on them, but it doesn’t look as if Dustin will let this fluster him too much.

The sneak peek for Wednesday’s episode shared that Dustin will make a call and ask someone if they want to get together over the weekend. It certainly seems likely that this call is to Lulu, and fans will be anxious to see these two spend more time together. General Hospital spoilers also reveal that Maxie will question her bestie, asking Lulu to tell her everything.

SheKnows Soaps adds that Lulu will be flustered during Wednesday’s show, and that surely relates — once again — to her blooming connection with Dustin. Is Dustin the real deal and can he cure Lulu’s heartbreak, or could he end up being too good to be true?

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Shiloh will make a phone call from jail. It’s not known yet who he is calling, but he will note that he has important information to share.

As The Inquisitr recently shared, Shiloh will head back to court later this week, crossing paths with Willow. He’ll do his best to rattle her by saying that he remains confident she’ll end up back with him eventually. That’s surely never going to happen, but Shiloh doesn’t give up easily, and he loves to see her rattled.

Viewers will see Peter talking with someone shady, noting that there must be another way to accomplish what he needs to have done as the current approach is too risky. Jason will also talk with Sonny, noting his curiosity over something and that may or may not cross over with some of this Peter-related drama.

Kim and Franco hit the sheets during Tuesday’s show, and fans know that Elizabeth was approaching the door shortly after their rendezvous wrapped up. General Hospital spoilers tease that Liz will tell Kim they need to have a talk, and it looks as if Elizabeth will be ready to tear into her supposed friend for letting her judgment become so clouded due to Franco having Drew’s memories.

While this Kim and Franco affair isn’t necessarily going over well with fans, it is giving viewers some great scenes featuring actress Rebecca Herbst. She’s got some juicy Liz drama to handle right now, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that things will get increasingly tense on this front in the coming days.