‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Spoilers From Reality Steve Reveal Juicy Tidbits On The Ladies & Travel Destinations Ahead

Aaron PooleABC

Fans of ABC’s The Bachelor will get to see the big announcement regarding the next season lead during Tuesday night’s Bachelor in Paradise finale and reunion show. Spoilers have already emerged revealing the identity of the guy they picked, and now additional teasers about the next season are coming out.

On Tuesday morning, the photos of 33 women were shared on the show’s Facebook page. They teased that these women might be on the upcoming season of The Bachelor and shortly after that post, spoiler guru Reality Steve shared additional details via his blog.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Peter Weber will be the next lead and he was recently spotted filming introductory footage at the airport in Los Angeles. Reality Steve indicates that the first night of filming will take place Friday night and the dates will begin on Sunday.

Not only have the identities of the potential bachelorettes now been revealed, but Reality Steve’s spoilers also share fun tidbits about travel locations for Peter’s season. As always, the first few episodes will be based in or near Los Angeles.

Reality Steve isn’t sure yet about where Episode 4 will be filmed, but it will probably be either in Los Angeles or another city in the United States. Then, the next three episodes will be filmed in Peru, Costa Rica, and Chile. Right now, the spoiler king isn’t sure of the order for those three international locations.

The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve also reveal that Peter and his final ladies will go somewhere new to the franchise for the overnights and final rose ceremony. It seems that they will be in Australia for these last portions of filming, although it’s not known yet exactly where in Australia they will be.

Of the 33 women featured in the Facebook post, a few won’t actually end up filming anything for The Bachelor. Spoilers suggest that Peter may meet 30 or so women, and more information will emerge once filming begins Friday.

Reality Steve has shared profiles on about half the women ABC just revealed and he said he’s working on profiles for the rest. There are beauty pageant participants, flight attendants, and even a pilot, along with a couple of college students and a mix of other occupations.

The Inquisitr recently teased that Reality Steve had already picked out a potential frontrunner among Peter’s group of ladies. Now, he says that it’s radiology student Sarah Coffin who caught his eye.

Of course, since The Bachelor filming hasn’t even started yet, this is just a hunch on the spoiler king’s part. However, it sounds as if she may be one to keep an eye on as filming plays out.

Will Peter Weber find love this winter as ABC’s The Bachelor 2020 lead? Fans will be anxious to get more spoilers once filming starts and the new season will debut in January.