September 6, 2019
Reality Steve Teases 'The Bachelor' 2020 Spoilers, Says He's Already Picked A Final Rose Front-Runner

ABC hasn't even formally announced the lead for the 2020 season of The Bachelor yet, but spoiler king Reality Steve is teasing that he already sees a front-runner. He has already dished out details regarding which guy will hand out roses. Even though filming hasn't started, he also says he thinks he knows which lady will be a key one to watch.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Reality Steve's spoilers have revealed that Peter Weber will be The Bachelor. Fans of The Bachelorette fell in love with him during Hannah Brown's season, and the buzz is that he was always ABC's preferred pick.

The network has already taped a reunion show to give viewers updates on all the Season 6 Bachelor in Paradise couples, and it is set to air on Tuesday, September 17. Spoilers indicate that the announcement of Peter as The Bachelor will come during that reunion special as well. Filming should start almost immediately after the special airs.

Given that filming begins later this month, most of the bachelorettes chosen for Peter's season have probably already made it through final casting. Reality Steve is already pulling together information on many of them, but at this point, he's only sharing some general teasers about the ladies.

Reality Steve shared a few spoilers about the 2020 group of ladies via his Twitter page. He said that he's currently putting together profiles for the ladies he believes are joining Weber's season, and he already has an early front-runner pick.
"I think I've found the one who I think he'll pick. She's my early favorite. And if he doesn't, she has next Bachelorette written all over her. Be stunned if this one doesn't at least make final four."
The spoiler king does acknowledge that what he has gathered simply consists of what he's been able to find online. As fans of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette know, a contestant can look fabulous on paper and come off vastly differently on-screen.

For now, anyway, Reality Steve teases that this unnamed lady basically checks off "every box." He teases that at least based on the photos he's found of her, she's also one of the best-looking ladies they've ever had on the show.

Unfortunately, Reality Steve isn't revealing this contestant's name yet. He says he'll release what he's gathered on these ladies in a couple of weeks, and he'll tell everybody then which lady caught his attention. It's pretty likely that he will hold onto what he's uncovered until filming actually begins, as sometimes last-minute casting changes are made.

Reality Steve does have a pretty good history of pinpointing early front-runners, sometimes even before filming begins. Is he really good enough to nail which lady will probably either get Peter Weber's final rose or be a front-runner for next spring's The Bachelorette lead? Fans will be anxious to check out the details on this supposed contestant and watch this winter to see how she appears on-screen.