WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Purposely Trying To 'Bury' Superstar On 'Raw'

When it comes to who should be pushed in WWE and who should simply help develop other talent, there are often differing opinions. Paul Heyman is the executive director of Monday Night Raw, which essentially means that his word is law, but he doesn't get the very final say. That still belongs to Vince McMahon, and it seems as if the big boss really wants to bury a promising superstar on the red brand.

WWE's roster is full of big-time talent and huge names, but some up-and-comers need to do whatever they can to break into the spotlight. It's often kind of hard to gain any kind of ground when the higher-ups are speaking against you and trying to hold you back.

Cedric Alexander is only 30, but he has become a prominent face on Monday Night Raw in recent months. Moving up from 205 Live, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion has been in main events, picked up huge victories, and been involved in a great feud with the legendary A.J. Styles.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Heyman seemingly really likes Alexander, and has wanted to slowly push him to the top of WWE's roster. Unfortunately for Alexander, not everyone feels the same, and Vince McMahon is reportedly looking to bury him.

AJ Styles kneels over a fallen Cedric Alexander on

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Ringside News, Vince is the reason that Alexander has been presented so poorly lately. Dave Meltzer is stating that he doesn't know why Vince would want to do that, but the big boss has apparently actually called for the writers -- and the creative team -- to simply "bury" Cedric Alexander.

Alexander has been involved in a feud with Styles, which led many to believe he could end up a main roster champion soon. This Sunday night at Clash of Champions, the two fought over Styles' WWE United States Championship, but things didn't go quite as expected for the young superstar.

While it wasn't a classic match, it certainly wasn't one that seemed as if it could have gone either way. Styles dominated throughout the majority of the match, and won cleanly after hitting a Phenomenal Forearm and Styles Clash to retain his title.

On Monday Night Raw, Alexander teamed with The Viking Experience to take on The O.C. in another high-profile match, but it ended poorly for him yet again. Not only did Alexander's team lose the match, but he was the one who took the clean pin from Styles.

It's really not quite clear why Vince McMahon would want to bury Cedric Alexander, but something appears to be going on in this regard. After the clean losses at Clash of Champions and on Monday Night Raw, it seems as if Paul Heyman's idea of slowly pushing Alexander to the top of WWE may take much longer than expected.