‘Oz The Great And Powerful’ Sequel Loses Sam Raimi

The Oz: The Great and Powerful sequel won’t be directed by Sam Raimi.

Although plans are being made to piece together a sequel as soon as possible, apparently the project will move forward without the Evil Dead director.

During his interview with Bleeding Cool, Sam Raimi revealed that he currently has no plans to direct the Oz: The Great and Powerful sequel.

“I haven’t planned on directing the sequel. I did leave some loose ends for another director if they want to make the picture,” the director explained. “I tried to make it a complete ending, so that the audience would be fulfilled, but I also let Evenora and Theodora get away.”

He added that the follow-up doesn’t have “the thing” that would get him to step behind the camera for another go-around. It would appear the sequel is moving forward without Sam Raimi for the time being.

Oz: The Great and Powerful just opened in theaters this weekend. Disney expects the film to make a small fortune at the box office when all is said and done. Since the studio has a hit on its hands, a sequel has already been given the proverbial green light.

James Franco, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, and Mila Kunis are reportedly on-board for the sequel should Disney move forward with the project.

“Wherever Sam goes, I’ll go. I’d do anything Sam asks me to do. I’d get stuck in quicksand with him,” Williams remarked. It’s unclear what will happen should Sam Raimi stick to his guns about the Oz: The Great and Powerful sequel.

Sam Raimi

Reports suggest that Raimi could begin work on the Evil Dead 4 script this summer. However, the direct revealed that he felt forced into working on the project by his fans.

“I’m afraid that every time I talk about it people get really mad at me when I don’t follow through with it,” the filmmaker said. “I would like to work on the script over the summer — that much is true. But the reason to come back and do it again is only that they’re making me, those fans.”

Sam Raimi’s next move is unclear at the moment. While he says he’s currently not interested in the Oz: The Great and Powerful sequel, this could change down the road.

Are you planning to catch Oz: The Great and Powerful in theaters this weekend? Are you disappointed that Sam Raimi may not return for the sequel?

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