Wendy Williams’ Show Renewed, Cancellation Rumors Can Finally Be Fully Dismissed

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Rumors teasing that The Wendy Williams Show would be canceled can now be put to rest. Despite all sorts of drama in Williams’ personal life over the past few months, it has just been revealed that Wendy will be back for at least two more seasons.

Deadline detailed that just as Season 11 of The Wendy Williams Show kicked into gear on Monday, those behind the show announced that they had renewed the talk show for two more seasons. This means that fans are guaranteed to see Wendy on their daytime television screens through the 2021-2022 season.

The Wendy Williams Show is produced and distributed by Debmar-Mercury of Lionsgate, and currently airs on Fox stations across the country. Despite the fact that Wendy had to step away from the show for a while last season, the ratings remained solid. Those behind the show feel that her series remains quite strong.

Last season brought plenty of Williams’ off-air personal drama front and center with her show, and created a situation where she couldn’t avoid acknowledging some issues. For example, Wendy seemed to be slurring during one show, and weeks later she revealed that she would be stepping away from her series for a while due to an illness.

Williams was gone for about six weeks last winter, and when she returned, she opened up to her audience about her addiction issues and sobriety. She also eventually acknowledged that her marriage to Kevin Hunter had fallen apart, and he was fired from her show.

Not long ago, Wendy also acknowledged all the drama swirling across social media regarding Hunter’s alleged affair and child with his mistress. As The Inquisitr noted, Williams explained that she could never forgive Hunter for having a child with his mistress.

Despite all of that chaos, Wendy has looked strong and determined leading up to this new season premiere. As the renewal news emerged, Williams shared her excitement.

“I want to tell Fox and all of our stations today how much their support and confidence means to me. They should know we will never stop working very hard to bring our dedicated Wendy Watches and audience ‘co-hosts’ the freshest national daytime television!”

Wendy Williams may have had a rough go of things last season, but it looks as if she’s doing well and is ready to rock a new level of confidence, determination, and strength every day on her talk show. Fans have had her back through all of these recent challenges, and they’ll be anxious to see what she has in store now that she’s got the full support of the network — and this renewal — behind her.