The Cars Rocker Ric Ocasek Leaves Behind Six Children From Three Previous Wives

Stacy Carey

The Cars singer Ric Ocasek passed away over the weekend, and fans are spending time Monday morning reflecting on his legacy. In addition to being a legend in the music world, the singer was a father to six children and had a handful of grandchildren as well. He had been married three times over the years, and he had sons with each of his wives.

The Inquisitr detailed that Ocasek was found unresponsive and unconscious on Sunday afternoon by his estranged wife, Paulina Porizkova. While Ric and Paulina had been married for nearly three decades, they quietly split last year.

During their marriage, Ocasek and Porizkova had two sons. Jonathan Raven was born in 1993, and Oliver Orion was born in 1999. These are the two youngest of Ric's six sons. According to Hollywood Life, Oliver is attending Eastman School of Music at Rochester University, and Paulina says he has his dad's focus. Jonathan is also in college, pursuing game design.

According to IMDb, Ric was married to his first wife Constance Campbell from 1963 to 1971. Ocasek's oldest son, Christopher, was born in 1964, and next came his second son, Adam.

Ric went on to have two sons, Eron and Derek, with his second wife Suzanne Ocasek. The couple was married from 1971 to 1988, and it was toward the end of that marriage that he met Paulina. It seems that Eron was born in 1973, and Derek was born in 1981.

As Heavy notes, some of Ric's children have pursued a career in music as well. Ocasek's son Christopher, who kept the original spelling of his family name of Otcasek, initially signed a record deal with EMI Records in 1988. Christopher formed Glamour Group and had a solo song on the Pretty Woman soundtrack.

In addition to his six sons, Ric leaves behind five grandchildren. Ocasek's son Adam took to his Facebook page on Monday and shared a sweet photo showing two boys, seemingly his sons Lincoln and Donovan, visiting The Cars exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Ocasek admitted in the past that he wasn't very present for his oldest sons throughout their childhoods. However, it seems that he was far more involved in the lives of his sons with Porizkova.

Ric Ocasek's musical legacy will certainly live on in the wake of his death, and fans are mourning the loss of this rock 'n roll icon. It seems that several of his sons have more to contribute to the world of art and music due to developing a passion for the genre like their father had. Fans of Ric's will be anxious to see what his sons do in the years ahead to continue the family's tradition of making their mark on the world of entertainment.