WWE News: Former Champion Says Vince McMahon Is The Craziest Guy He’s Ever Met

Even those who left on bad terms have come to respect the boss of WWE.

Vince McMahon stands angry and bloody in the ring.

Even those who left on bad terms have come to respect the boss of WWE.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon just recently turned 74-years-old and is still doing as much as possible in the world of professional wrestling. Not only is he doing a ton for WWE, but he’s also preparing to start up the XFL again in February of next year. He’s worked with many different people over the years and one former champion in WWE respects him enough to call him the “craziest motherf***er I’ve ever met.”

It has been more than a year since WWE released Enzo Amore from his contract, and there is a good chance they’ll never work together again. There were rumors that he and Big Cass had been speaking with WWE, but as reported by The Inquisitr, Triple H says there was “zero interest” in bringing them back.

Despite the fact that the relationship between Enzo and WWE is likely forever fractured, he still has respect for the man in charge. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion recently sat down with the Ya Neva Know podcast and discussed a number of topics, and that includes Vince Mcmahon.

During his short amount of time in WWE, Amore ended up learning a lot about Vince McMahon and all that he is. It appears as if the man will never give up all that he is used to doing, and it just amazes everyone around him.

Enzo Amore at a WWE live event.

Enzo said that the work ethic of Vince McMahon is simply unmatched by anyone, and it’s just quite insane.

“Vince is the craziest motherf***er I’ve ever met because he works like a dog. He sleeps three hours a night. He’s a control freak. He freaks out if he sneezes because…he can’t control it. So, if he sneezes, he doesn’t like that function because he can’t control it.”

Enzo went on to say that Vince “lifts at 3 a.m.” and “works out in the gym like a sick f**k.” He believes that the big boss of WWE partied a lot back in the day and “lived it with all the boys and saw a crazy life for a long time.

He brought up how Vince is friends with Donald Trump and that he runs things, but he never makes it seem like it is all his. Vince always refers to WWE as “our” company and he’ll correct anyone who refers to it in any other fashion.

No matter what, though, ultimate control of WWE is in the hands of Vince McMahon and it’s hard to believe that will end anytime soon. Enzo Amore, though, thinks that the “downfall of that” company and control might be coming and that it could happen in our lifetime.