WWE Rumors: Huge Return Will Lead To Immediate Feud Over Universal Title

The next feud for the WWE Universal Champion may already be known.

Seth Rollins stares intently on "Raw."

The next feud for the WWE Universal Champion may already be known.

On Sunday evening, Seth Rollins will put his WWE Universal Championship on the line against his tag team partner Braun Strowman. The two superstars also hold the Raw Tag Team Championship which they will defend at Clash of Champions. Despite the fact that anything could possibly happen in the big title match between the two men, rumors are swirling that Rollins’ next big championship feud will be against a returning superstar.

Rumors in professional wrestling are really hard to understand or take seriously as most of them end up being inaccurate. Many of them just fade into obscurity or end up circulating again just weeks and months later.

Right now, there is truth in the fact that Drew McIntyre has been absent from WWE television for a few weeks. As reported by The Inquisitr, he has been dealing with a lingering injury that needed to be taken care of before the busy “Road to WrestleMania 36” season begins.

If the rumors are to be believed, McIntyre will be back on TV very soon and he’s actually going to jump into the main event scene. The Twitter account of WrestleVotes is reporting that Rollins’ next big program is going to be against McIntyre and will start shortly.

McIntyre has been out due to the lingering injury which required a minor surgery, but he had apparently been sick right before that happened. He seems to be all healed up, though, and his return to WWE television is imminent.

Now, here is where the problem with rumors in professional wrestling comes into the picture.

Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported some other rumors regarding Rollins’ next feud after Clash of Champions. That speculation had Rollins retaining over Strowman due to possible interference from Bray “The Fiend” Wyatt and leading to a three-way battle over the Universal Title at Hell in a Cell.

It’s just hard to know what is actually the truth with all of these rumors, but it would be interesting to see McIntyre jump into the picture.

Drew McIntyre takes on Roman Reigns

Ever since he hit the main roster from NXT, McIntyre has had his ups and downs. He’s been a tag team champion and involved in big storylines with Shane McMahon, but he’s never quite broken into the top tier of things.

Drew McIntyre’s current run in WWE is very different from the one when he was a member of the 3 Man Band. He’s often in the spotlight now and has proven himself to be one of the best that the full roster has to offer. If the rumors are true, he could be on his way to a feud with Universal Champion Seth Rollins and have a chance to finally win the big one.