Celebrity Perfumes & Fragrances That Are Worth The Money

Anyone who has cruised the fragrance aisle in a department or specialty story has noticed the glut of celebrity fragrances available, but short of taking each one for a test drive, how can a consumer separate the ones that just have a famous person’s name on them, and the perfumes that are worth the money?

Elle Australia put together a list of celebrity scents that are more than just a famous name, or perfumes that have great reviews, and which ones people say they would wear even without the recognizable name on the label.

These perfumes were called “Celebrity Perfumes That Are Surprisingly Excellent. These do not suck.” Their list includes actors, singers, influencers, and designers, but what they reportedly have in common is a curated fragrance that would appeal to an audience beyond their fan base, and are more than spay bottles that tweens save their allowance money to buy.

The first is “Sweet Like Candy” by Ariana Grande, which comes in a fancy bottle which is suitable for any elegant vanity, with its sculpted bottled with a pom-pom. Priced at $59, this youthful perfume, launched in 2015, has “stood the test of time” with notes of berries, fruit, and citrus with light florals.

Kim Kardashian West of the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians appears on the list with her fragrance, “Crystal Gardenia,” which starts at $88. While the floral perfume had a slight hiccup when it was launched (it was temporarily banned from Australian shores due to old ingredients), it is said to be the most sought-after fragrance from the reality star, surpassing her eponymous perfume. The complex scent comes in a sleek bottle, but also includes notes of lemon and pear, and is grounded by florals like gardenia and tuberose with a touch of amber.

On the more sophisticated end is “Stash” by Sarah Jessica Parker, launched in 2016. This scent is woody, with cedar, vetiver, patchouli, pepper and sage, but most of all, it has a sweet price point at $19.99.

Another evening scent, but at the higher end of the spectrum, is “Nirvana French Grey” by Elizabeth and James, which is the company of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. This lavender and musk scent is pricey at $125 for a small bottle but is said to be a nice complement to the original “Nirvana,” which is also said to be a fragrance to watch, topping Elle’s “perfume wish list.”

While none of the British royals have their own perfume (yet), each has a signature fragrance they are known for, pushing sales of those scents around the world. The Inquisitr reported that people were most interested in finding out which fragrance was worn by the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Meghan Markle is a big fan of British perfumer Jo Malone, whose scents tend to be very natural. Duchess Meghan alternates between two Jo Malone perfumes, Wild Bluebell, and Wood Sage & Sea Salt. Kate Middleton also wears a fragrance by a British perfumer, called Iluminum, which is said to be a “light floral,” according to reviewers.

“A delicate, refined scent, the top note of lily evokes summer ambience, whilst heart notes of gardenia, ylang ylang and jasmine are sumptuous and feminine. Amber wood underscores this light bouquet.”

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