Retina Macbook Pro Users Reporting Fan Troubles

Apple Retina Macbook Pro

The Apple Retina Macbook Pro is experiencing fan issues for a handful of users. After a user posted about the fan issue on an Apple support thread, the forum quickly led to 27 pages worth of complaints.

Despite the massive number of user complaints, Apple has not yet responded to the complaints. Apple has a long history of waiting until a fix is available before responding.

In the original thread post, the user explained the troubleshooting steps they concluded before posting. The user concluded that the fan was broken after the Apple Hardware Test utility was unable to pinpoint the problem.

In a YouTube video (posted below), a user notes that the issue may be related to the Sandisk solid state drive that Apple recently replaced. Apple moved from one SSD to another from the same manufacturer. However, several users have noted that they are using device with Samsung drives and potentially experiencing the same Retina Macbook Pro fan troubles.

The team at MacNN spoke with an independent testing lab about the issue; unfortunately, the lab was not able to reproduce the issue while testing eight different previous-model Retina MacBook laptops. The independent testing lap attempted to examine both Samsung SSD and Samsung SSD drives. The lab also reviewed seven refreshed models for the Macbook Retina Pro.

The laptops that were tested attempted to use the same methodologies listed on Apple support forums.

In several cases, users claim that Apple has replaced or repaired their Apple Retina Macbook Pro at no cost.

Apple on its communications page has acknowledged the problem but left users questioning what it will do next.

It should be noted that several tests have recently reported a poor cooling design on the Retina MacBook Pro.

Do you think Apple should be more actively engaged in responding to fan issues and other problems with their hardware?