Carrie Underwood Reveals How Husband Mike Fisher Can Be Too Critical

Carrie Underwood might be one of the most popular country singers in the world, but sometimes her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, thinks that he knows better than her when it comes to her music. However, the former American Idol star doesn't let him have a say in her songs.

During her September 12 town hall special for SiriusXM's The Highway, Carrie talked about her husband's vain attempts at being a music critic. She told host Jenny McCarthy that her man has taken a keen interest in her career, but it sounds like Carrie hasn't found Mike's critiques of her music very helpful. Because he can go a bit overboard with the critical comments, he's been banned from hearing his talented wife's albums until they're completed.

"I've learned not to really let him hear my stuff, like, while I'm writing it or while I'm recording it," Carrie said, as reported by Us Weekly.

"He critiques. He'll tell me what he thinks about it," Carrie continued.

According to the "Cry Pretty" singer, Mike's insistence on critiquing her music led to her sitting her husband down for a little real talk. She proved that she can also be brutally honest by using a sports analogy to explain to him how she felt about his opinions.

"I love my husband, and I do care what he thinks, but when it comes to music, I'd be like, 'This is like me telling you how to play hockey. Like, you'd be like, 'OK,'" Carrie said. "I'm like, 'Let mama handle this.' You know? I got this."

Carrie went on to say that she practices what she preaches by never commenting on any mistakes that Mike makes during his hockey games. Instead, the "Before He Cheats" singer tries to be a supportive wife by always telling her husband that he "looked hot" on the ice, even if things didn't go his way during a game.

While Carrie might not think that her husband makes a great music critic, she definitely believes he's an awesome dad. On Father's Day, she took to Instagram to praise her man for being a hands-on dad who changes diapers, cuddles his kids, and reads them bedtime stories.

Mike can take comfort in knowing that he's not the only person whose criticism Carrie can't stand. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Carrie was recently asked if she'd be interested in taking part in an American Idol reunion with the show's original judges. In response, she joked that she'd be up for it as long as she wasn't the one being critiqued by Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul.