September 14, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Laura & Curtis Get An Eyeful, More Craziness On The Haunted Star

General Hospital spoilers were right on the money when they said that Laura and Curtis will be shocked at what they see. The previews had shown the two friends walking through a door on the Haunted Star and when they opened it, they appeared to be stunned. Many fans were hoping that they would discover Laura's son, Nikolas Cassadine, behind that door, but it may be her other child who will shock her.

Lulu Falconeri has been through major heartbreak this past year with Dante not being there for her. Now that they are officially divorced, she is free to move on, and boy, did she! On Friday's General Hospital, Lulu bumped into Dustin. She ended up giving him a tour of the Haunted Star. After a lot of flirting between them, they heated things up with a kiss. Later, Laura and Curtis arrived onboard looking for the document that Helena may have hidden. When they opened one of the doors, they ran upon something shocking. Soap Central indicates that Lulu will be a bundle of nerves. The previews also show her scrambling to get dressed. In addition, she mentions her mother.

All of these hints indicate that Laura and Curtis will open the door to find Lulu and Dustin in bed. It would definitely be a shock to Laura to see her daughter in a compromising position. She had no idea that Lulu would be moving on this fast after Dante. But that isn't all that those two run into on the boat.

According to the print edition of Soap Opera Digest, Laura and Curtis will be held at gunpoint by the person who was seen lurking about on the Haunted Star on Friday. General Hospital fans were hoping that it would be Nik, but the magazine reveals that Cassandra is back in Port Charles and she is the one who is lurking.

Cassandra may be trying to find the same thing that Laura and Curtis are scrambling to locate, but they run into trouble with Ms. Pierce. She holds them at gunpoint for a bit, but the twosome will somehow get the gun away from her, and they end up taking Cassandra to the PCPD.

Cassandra will be trying to make a deal with Laura, knowing that she wants to take Valentin Cassadine down. It sounds like Laura is tempted, but the spoilers tease that she will turn her down flat. How will Valentin react when he finds out that Cassandra is held up in jail? Viewers are about to find out quickly because she is expected to give him a jingle to make a deal with him instead. She is willing to work with whomever she feels can get her ahead of the game, but the dangerous game she is playing could get her more than she bargained for.

Valentin has his hands full at the moment. As previously indicated by The Inquisitr, Liesl Obrecht has been increasingly bothersome to him with the whole Sasha fiasco. Now he has Cassandra in town, and she could blow his life up as well.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.