September 13, 2019
Already, People Are Getting Arrested For Trying To Storm Area 51

"Storm Area 51," they said.

"They can't stop all of us," they also said.

It was a Facebook event that started off as a joke and quickly grew until it became the latest viral sensation across social media. At the time of publication, at least 2 million people claim they will attend the event and a further 1.5 million have said that they are interested in attending. Already, the event creator, Matty Roberts, has stated that it is a joke and that people should not seriously head out to Area 51 on September 20. However, it appears that there are those that are ignoring warnings.

According to Time, two Dutch YouTubers have made the trek to Nevada in an attempt to storm Area 51 and find out if aliens really do exist.

They got arrested for trespassing.

According to reports, on Tuesday police were called to the Nevada National Security Site, which is a government nuclear facility situated approximately 10 miles from Area 51. According to the video statement released by Nye County Sheriff's Office, a car was discovered three miles inside of the perimeter and two men were also located. After a search of the car, officers found a laptop, a drone, and a camera. Upon closer inspection, footage taken from inside the facility was also found.

Signpost for the Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada
Pixabay | shana3415

The men have been identified as Ties Granzier, 20, and Govert Charles Wilhelmus Jacob Sweep, 21. They were arrested by police and charged with trespassing.

Police have stated that, after interviewing Granzier and Sweep, they determined that both men could speak, write, and read English and had seen the "No Trespassing" signs surrounding the facility. However, the pair decided to ignore the warnings and ventured inside.

These arrests taking place eight days out from the actual event have gotten authorities concerned at just how many people may converge on the location in the coming days. Even if the event is supposed to be a hoax, authorities are taking the possible influx of people seriously. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Nevada County has already drafted an Emergency Declaration ahead of September 20.

The event creator has also tried to turn the viral sensation into a music event at the closely situated town of Rachel. However, as the New York Post reports, this event has since been canceled due to "the lack of infrastructure, poor planning, risk management and blatant disregard for the safety of the expected 10,000+ AlienStock attendees."

In addition, for those who are curious about the event but don't want to risk the chance of arrest, a YouTube channel has been specially set up that will livestream on September 20.