September 12, 2019
'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Luke Stone Calls Out Chris Harrison For Fake Rose Ceremony Scene

Bachelor in Paradise featured a first this week when suitor Luke Stone's rose was rejected and he was sent home instead of the woman who refused his flower. But now it turns out the rose ceremony rejection didn't even happen the way it played out on TV.

After Stone asked Bri Barnes to accept his rose, she turned him down. In the scenes as played on ABC, Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison then asked the remaining ladies without roses -- that would be Haley Ferguson, Sydney Lotuaco, and Revian Chang – if any of them wanted Luke's rose, noting that this had "never happened before." No one took the offer so Stone was then told he would have to leave Paradise since no one wanted his rose.

Now, Stone is setting the record straight as he claims the scene was edited to include a voice-over from Harrison.

After the episode aired, Stone took to social media to allege that Harrison never presented his rose to the group of ladies. Instead, he said that after Bri turned him down, he hugged his friends and left. Stone alleged that Harrison's comments were edited in as a voice-over. The reality star also expressed disappointment towards Bachelor in Paradise producers and Harrison. You can see his tweets below.

Stone also shared the questionable clip on Instagram with a disclaimer.
"I wouldn't normally care about this kind of stuff, but I won't sit here and accept this lie that never happened. This was editing -- Chris never said this to the group."
This was not the only humiliation Stone endured during his short stay at the Mexican resort for the summertime spinoff. Several times this season, Stone was made fun of and called "the poor man's Nick Viall" by Haley Ferguson. Stone has long been compared to the former Bachelor star, but Ferguson said he's not as "hot" as Viall, who appeared on four ABC shows during his extended reality TV career.Stone has received a lot of support from fans after his embarrassing – and now, seemingly edited – Bachelor in Paradise rejection, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Many fans posted to his Instagram page to let him know that they would accept his rose any time.

As for who did accept a rose, four couples are left after this week's Bachelor bloodbath. Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour seem like the most solid couple by far. Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton are on the other end of the spectrum. In addition, Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty, and Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar are all in the running to get engaged when the season finale airs next week.

The Bachelor in Paradise finale airs Tuesday, September 17, at 8 p.m. on ABC.