Danica Patrick Hit By Rock While Racing On Dirt Track

Danica Patrick was hit by a rock while racing on a dirt track, but NASCAR’s pre-eminent female racer says she’s not hurt.

Danica was racing on the track on Thursday when she got hit by the stray rock square in her head. The impact left her feeling like she had a concussion, but staff at the infield care center checked her out and said she would be all right.

It could have been worse for Danica Patrick when she was hit by the rock. The racer said if she wasn’t wearing a hat she almost certainly would have been cut.

Oddly enough, Danica had just escaped from one of the worst crashes of he career last Sunday in Phoenix. Her No. 10 Chevrolet blew a right front tire during the Sprint Cup race at Phoenix International Raceway, sending her crashing into the frontstretch wall.

Danica was on the lead lap, running 26th on Lap 185 of the 312-lap race when the crash occurred. After her tire blew out Danica was left unable to turn the car, and slammed into the barrier with the right front corner of her car.

Car parts were sent flying all over the track as the back tires of the No. 10 Chevrolet lifted off the ground. The crash caused David Ragan’s car to hit the side panel of Danica’s car, shearing the sheet metal off the Chevrolet.

Danica Patrick said the accident was scary, but ultimately she was all right.

“When you lose a tire out of the turn, those are tough because you hit [the wall] more straight on,” Patrick said after the crash. “That was a hard hit on both sides, but I’m fine. There was no real good warning. No vibrations.

Though Danica Patrick was hit by a rock in Thursday’s crash, the racer has enjoyed a pretty good stretch lately. She became the first woman ever to win the pole position and lead green-flag laps at the Daytona 500 in February. Danica finished eighth in the race.