Angry Birds For iOS Now Completely Free

One of the most successful mobile-game franchises in the world has released the original, full length Angry Birds with 15 brand new levels for iOS and it’s– wait for it — completely free.

Rovio, in an effort to attract new users, has updated its pricing schedule and made the application completely free, adding additional content as even more of an incentive to download the mobile classic.

For the first time in nearly three years, Angry Birds has fallen away from the top 80 highest-grossing applications of all time.

The game’s huge success led Rovio to launch a complete line of Angry Birds accessories including plush toys, school supplies, clothing, and board and outdoor games.

The iPhone version of the game was previously on sale for $0.99, while the iPad version was available for $2.99. It’s unclear whether or not the current games will be permanently offered for free, but Rovio has removed the original free, limited versions from the Apple App Store.

Rovio has yet to comment about its newest update.

The previous free versions of Angry Birds only offered a select few playable levels, and included ads — something the full versions omit. Now however, the new free versions are considered freemium — pushing in-app purchases for special features like the unlimited use of Mighty Eagle or Birdquakes.

For those unfamiliar with these special abilities, Mighty Eagle calls in a bird that smashes piggies for the player and Birdquakes shake piggies houses down, which then tragically crush the little piglets.

Angry Birds was downloaded more than 30 million times on consoles, computers, and web browsers between December 22 and 29 of 2012. Christmas Day saw a staggering eight million downloads alone.

So the real question is, will you be grabbing your free copy of Angry Birds today? What makes it so incredibly awesome to play? Let us know in the comments below, and enjoy Rovio’s version of the Harlem Shake because, you know… what post could be complete these days without one?