Lauren Duggar Shares A Few Tidbits About Herself That Surprises Instagram Followers

Lauren Duggar took to her Instagram account on Wednesday to share a few fun facts about herself that fans may not have known.

Josiah's wife was seen in the adorable photo smiling for the camera wearing a blue and white striped dress. Her long brunette locks were softly curled and flowing down around her shoulders. She appeared to have that pregnancy glow about her as well. She wrote that she decided that it would be fun to share 11 tidbits about herself with their followers. Some Duggar fans may have already known those facts about her, but there were a couple of things that surprised them.

One item is that Lauren sort of grew up with Josiah. She revealed that they actually met back in 2010 at the ATI conference in Big Sandy, Texas. She described him as "the funny, talkative little kid."

This conference is something that both families love to take part in every year.

Another interesting fact about Lauren is that she has an associate's degree in nursing that she got when she was 18. She actually started college when she was just 16. That got her Instagram followers in a tizzy, as most were surprised and asked if she ever worked as a nurse. Lauren answered that she would have to go back to school and pass the exams to practice, but she also realized that nursing just wasn't her passion after all.

The Duggar daughter-in-law has been posting a few baby bump photos over the past few months since they announced in May that they were expecting another baby after her first pregnancy ended up in a miscarriage almost a year ago.

Now they are preparing for their new little one. Just recently, Lauren and Josiah did some shopping, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, and they were quite excited to find many deals for their baby girl. The Counting On stars are decorating their nursery, which is one thing that Lauren says she is having fun doing.

Duggar fans may have noticed from previous photos that Lauren has shared that she seems to have a knack for decorating their home. She mentioned that decor and design is her passion.

Other things Lauren shared are that she is a quarter Hispanic on her mom's side and her middle name is Milagro, which, in Spanish, means miracle. She also grew up on a small farm in Georgia and is the oldest of nine kids. Lauren loves Jesus, loves to spend time with family, loves to play piano and sing with Josiah, and she can yodel, too.

Fans can keep updated on Josiah and Lauren Duggar on their Instagram and also watch their joys and struggles on the new season of Counting On beginning in October.