Gwen Stefani Bends Over In A Corset And Fishnet Tights For PDA With Blake Sheldon In Newest ‘Voice’ Promo

gwen stefani at met gala
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Competition in NBC television show The Voice may be hot, but pop star Gwen Stefani is no doubt even hotter. The stunning blonde wowed Instagram by flaunting her incredible figure in a new promo for the upcoming season.

Gwen wore two outfits in the clip: one was a wildly tight striped dress that showcased her every curve. But, even sexier was an outfit consisting of a gold corset, fishnet tights, and thigh highs. Instagram unsurprisingly went wild for the newest upload.

As previously covered by The Inquisitr, Gwen has stunned her fans with the gold corset ensemble before, such as when she posted a picture of the cast of The Voice to her Instagram page earlier this week.

However, the newest clip shows the outfit in action, including when Gwen bends over to give her boyfriend and co-star Blake Sheldon some PDA and when she taunts him by backing up her booty to his chair.

The video clip opens with the four judges walking greeting the crowds, and Gwen looks ravishing as she showcases not only her décolletage in a strapless gold corset, but also her long pins, emphasized in her fishnets and thigh-highs.

The clip then cuts to the judges discussing their excitement about the upcoming season. Gwen particularly mentions that though she is looking forward to working with Kelly Clarkson and previous year’s winner John Legend, she is most psyched for working with “the one and only Blake Sheldon” whom she dubbed her “favorite human in the world.”

Another part of the video shows Gwen sweetly leaning over Blake’s chair to give him a kiss.

However, sparks soon fly as potential playful scuffles emerge.

“I’m very excited to see America’s favorite couple fight it out,” John Legend begins.

“You want to fight, Blakey?” Gwen asks in return.

“I’m probably going to pay for this later,” mumbles Blake.

In one clip, Gwen prances along Blake’s lane while still in her gold corset, even backing up her perky posterior to mock her suitor playfully.

“I thought you loved me?” asked Blake, feigning indignation.

“Mommy and Daddy are fighting!” Kelly Clarkson teases.

However, all’s well that ends well. The last scene shows Gwen bent over, still wearing the shorts, fishnets, and thigh high boots, as she embraces her beau.

Fans understandably went wild over the clip.

“Omg!!! You look unbelievable gorgeous!!!” wrote one follower.

“Can’t wait to see you with Blake!!!” added another, with several heart emoji and a kissing face.

“Best promo ever,” concluded a third.

The Voice returns on September 23.