‘BH90210’ Renewal Uncertain Ahead Of ‘Limited Series’ Finale, Cast Hopes For Season 2 Rather Than Cancellation

Wednesday night, the season finale of BH90210 will air on FOX. This fun summertime series has been a big hit among those who loved the original Beverly Hills, 90210, and people are anxious to hear that FOX has renewed rather than canceled the show. Where do things stand now?

BH90210 has always been hyped as being a “limited series” with no guarantee that it would return. However, there’s been a lot of talk about where things could head next if the network continued the show, and it looks like viewers are ready to rally for a renewal.

Luckily, it would seem that the door might at least be open for a Season 2 of BH90210. For one thing, the network is hyping this as a season finale, not a series finale. It would appear that the finale is essentially set up for a return, should it happen.

The sneak peek shared via Instagram teases that the cast members are warned that production can’t afford all seven of them for a second season. Of course, as viewers know, BH90210 has not been done as a straight reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210. Instead, the original cast members are back, playing exaggerated versions of themselves, as they pursue reviving their old show.

Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth are the executive producers of BH90210, and they recently shared with Access that they already anticipate where they’d go in another run of episodes. It seems it would mostly focus on actually filming the revived show that everybody was working on creating during this initial limited run.

Tori even joked that the original went for 10 seasons, so they’re aiming for 11 with this version. Spelling also told Us Weekly that she would love to see the series continue and she definitely seems on-board with the idea.

However, it does sound as if Jennie and Tori might lose some of the current cast members if another run of episodes does come.

For example, Shannen Doherty suggested that everybody just focus on the limited run that has aired this summer rather than try to guess about another season. She didn’t seem to specifically say she wouldn’t be open to a return, but it certainly seems possible that adjustments would need to be made in order to continue.

The initial ratings this summer for BH90210 were fantastic. However, Variety notes that the ratings trended down since then.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, all of the cast members showed a willingness to take relatively low salaries for these first episodes. Apparently, this strategy was done with the thought that this would give them negotiating power for subsequent seasons.

It seems that viewers will need to embrace Wednesday’s BH90210 finale for what it is without knowing whether FOX will renew or cancel the show. News on that front probably will emerge soon though, and everybody will be anxious to see what the network decides.

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