Cheryl Cole Looks Radiant In Cozy Sweater At Charity Event

British bombshell Cheryl Cole — who just goes by her first name nowadays — often shares backstage shots of herself in revealing stage attire with her eager 3.6 million Instagram followers. Today, she shared a different kind of post.

In her latest update, Cheryl didn’t have a crazy stage outfit on, or even a glittering red carpet ensemble. Instead, she rocked a cozy, red plaid turtleneck sweater and loose-fitting olive pants. Her glossy brunette locks were pulled up in a bun rather than down and carefully styled, and her makeup was natural.

As Cheryl explained in the caption of her post, she spent some time at an initiative called BCG Charity Day on behalf of her philanthropic organization, Cheryl’s Trust. Cheryl is pictured on the phone with computers and monitors all around her and looks absolutely radiant as she gives back to support the causes she believes in.

Cheryl’s Trust is a charitable organization that Cheryl herself decided to set up to help support youths. As the Cheryl’s Trust website outlines, Cheryl partnered with an existing youth charity, The Prince’s Trust, to fund an art center in Newcastle. The brunette bombshell has a busy career as an entertainer with many commitments, but she still makes giving back a priority in her schedule, as the existence of her trust shows.

Her followers loved seeing a different side of the performer, and the post received over 24,000 likes within less than an hour.

“You work so hard to support so many people and charities. You really are incredible,” one follower commented.

“Great opportunity to raise awareness,” another fan said.

Another follower commented, “you’re an angel.”

“You are just so naturally beautiful,” another fan said.

Cheryl seems to be on a bit of a roll supporting significant causes and organizations lately. As The Inquisitr reported, she was one of the artists who took the stage at Manchester Pride. She rocked a crazy black jumpsuit that exposed plenty of skin and had rainbow detailing to pay homage to the event.

Cheryl isn’t nearly as active on Instagram as many other celebrities. Despite having millions of followers, she has only 66 posts on her page in total. Her content generally revolves around her professional pursuits as she showcases outfits backstage, looks she wears on the red carpet, or promotion of new projects. Since she isn’t one of the celebrities who updates daily, fans are all the more excited whenever she has a new post, especially when it’s one that revolves around a meaningful cause.

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