September 11, 2019
Aaron Carter Reveals He Has Been Officially Diagnosed With Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder & Anxiety

Aaron Carter revealed in an interview on The Doctors, which is set to air later this week, that he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, manic depression, and acute anxiety, reported The Daily Mail.

In a clip of the two-part interview, the former child star is seen with a plastic bag of prescription medication, all prescribed to combat his mental illnesses. Holding up the bag for everyone to see, the 31-year-old says he has nothing to hide. Among the prescriptions are Xanax, omeprazole, and hydroxyzine.

During the show, the singer also takes a drug test to prove to doctors that he's sober after admitting that he used opioids after a dental procedure.

"I haven't taken any opioids. Oh no, no, no, I did! It's because I got my teeth done. I got six crowns!"
The past month has been a difficult one for the "I Want Candy" artist, who was seen purchasing two new Smith & Wesson assault rifles last week at Rick's Pawn Shop in Lancaster, California. He had also purchased a 9mm handgun and two other assault rifles a couple of weeks prior to buying the original assault rifles.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Aaron was also accused of flipping rescue dogs from profit last month, despite negating these claims. A video began circulating on social media that allegedly showed the singer offering his recently acquired rescue dog for cash. In the video, he can be heard saying that a bulldog he recently got from the pound is now available for purchase.

In addition to the rescue dog incident, Aaron supposedly went through a violent breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Lina Valentina, which led to a restraining order, reported TMZ. According to the publication, police paid the singer a welfare visit in early August when he revealed that Lina had slapped him and left a bruise on his face. Showing police photos of the injury, Aaron made a formal complaint.

The reason for the welfare check was a call from a concerned family member who was worried that Aaron was going to take his own life or hurt someone else and/or overdose on drugs.

Despite his various diagnoses, Aaron claims that his mental stability is perfectly fine, wrote The Daily Mail.

"On a scale of one to 10, what's my mental stability? 100,000. Infinite! Because throughout my 20s I went through bankruptcy, I went through being broke four times, I went through losing my sister, I went through so many different mental... and now [I'm on the other side of that]."