September 11, 2019
Whitney Fransway Posts Sweet Photo With Connor Saeli After 'Bachelor In Paradise' Love Connection Revealed

During Tuesday night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, viewers watched as Connor Saeli and Whitney Fransway voiced hopes of meeting on the beach. Sadly, they initially passed like ships in the night. Luckily, the two did end up connecting, and now she has shared a post on her Instagram page teasing that things have worked out well for the duo.

Bachelor in Paradise producers may have engineered the timing of Connor and Whitney missing the chance to hook up on the beach, but they also stepped in and orchestrated an opportunity for them to spend time together in Mexico. Viewers watched as she showed up at his hotel room, and they went on to spend a few days together off-camera before returning to the States.

After Tuesday night's show, Whitney took to Instagram to share a photo from that time together in Mexico. The two are sitting on a couch in their swimsuits with his hand around her back and her hand on his inner thigh. Both Whitney and Connor had big smiles on their faces.

In the caption, Whitney noted that it's key to be bold so one doesn't end up having regrets. It was surely a bit intimidating for her to head to Connor's hotel room, but it looks like it has worked out quite well so far. Notes she added in the comment section confirmed that she and Connor have been spending a lot of time together since that time in Mexico.

As The Inquisitr recently shared, spoiler king Reality Steve confirmed that Whitney and Connor have continued to date since that rendezvous in Mexico. Viewers will get to learn more in the pretaped reunion show set to air next week, but Whitney's new Instagram post would seem to signal that she remains quite happy that she took this bold step to show up at Connor's hotel.

For now, it would seem that Whitney and Connor are facing a long-distance relationship, though. Fransway is originally from Minnesota, but she's living in California now. Saeli is from Dallas, Texas, and it seems that he still lives there for now. However, a number of his Instagram posts in recent weeks signal that he has been spending a fair amount of time in California.

Could Connor end up moving to California if this romance with Whitney lasts? Would she consider moving to Texas if he is set on staying there? It doesn't sound as if there's been any official decision made on this front yet, but it doesn't look like a huge stretch to think he may be willing to relocate.

Prior to doing The Bachelorette, Connor was working as a special situations group analyst at Goldman Sachs in Texas, according to his LinkedIn page. His page does note, however, that he had that gig from July 2017 through February 2019. Some Bachelor in Paradise fans might interpret that as a sign that he's perhaps a little flexible right now in terms of what he does next and where.

Now that Whitney Fransway and Connor Saeli don't have to hide their romance any longer, Bachelor in Paradise fans will be anxious to see more of their time together. Could this couple end up going the distance? It looks as if fans are definitely shipping this pairing and everybody will be rooting for success for these two.