Jinger Duggar Embraces Daughter Felicity's New Skills Of Taking First Steps & Exploring The World

Jinger Duggar loves being a mom. She has shared many special moments of her daughter, Felicity Nicole, on social media with fans, and they love it. The reality star has not only embraced motherhood, but she has also embraced her new life in Los Angeles with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and their little girl.

Jinger took to Instagram on Tuesday to share some updates on Felicity's new skills that she had learned recently. The adorable Duggar granddaughter is at that age where she is learning plenty of new things and discovering the world around her. Her mom said in the post that she loves to watch Felicity grow and develop -- Jinger explained that it was like "watching a flower bloom."

The photo that Jinger Duggar shared along with the post had Felicity sitting on a wooden rocking horse in their house in L.A. She has her usual happy face on as she enjoys the fun. Felicity is also wearing a big straw hat on her small head to make the snap even cuter. The Counting On star detailed that Felicity had just learned how to rock on the toy horse, despite being on the carpet.

Jinger also revealed that her little girl has, so far, taken just a few steps in her attempt to master the task of full-fledged walking. However, she is taking it slow and being cautious in that area for the meantime.

Speaking from the heart, Jinger Duggar reflected on how fast time has flown in the past year when Felicity relied on them for everything, but is now about ready to go running off soon. She and Jeremy are waiting for the day when they will be trying to keep up with their daughter.

Jinger is not the only one who is captivated by the 1-year-old. Jeremy just recently shared on how much his daughter loves the water, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. He posted some snapshots to prove it, with the pictures showing Felicity watching the ocean waves rolling onto the sandy beaches in Malibu. She also enjoyed a little cool-down in a swimming pool over the weekend.

Jinger and Jeremy love being parents to Felicity, as they have said many times on social media. They love watching her grow and learn new things every day. They have both mentioned how much joy she brings into their lives. Their Instagram followers are always thrilled to see her smiles and giggles as well.

The Vuolo family is living their best life in L.A., as seen in their posts. It appears that the California sunshine totally agrees with them.

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