'Dancing With The Stars' Spoilers: Rumors Swirl That A Surprise Contestant Might Be Joining Season 28

Season 28 of Dancing with the Stars begins next week and new spoilers suggest that there might be an intriguing surprise on the way. The show has tried to keep all of the DWTS celebrity-pro pairings under wraps, but now there's suddenly speculation that one more celebrity may end up hitting the dance floor next week.

ABC previously revealed 12 celebrities and 14 professional partners for Season 28 of Dancing with the Stars. As The Inquisitr recently detailed, spoilers soon emerged indicating that Keo Motsepe and Daniella Karagach would not have partners of their own, but some fans speculated that there might be more to this. Now, it seems possible that those suspicious fans may have been correct.

The buzz about this possible 13th contestant seems to have originated with an interview last year's winner Bobby Bones just did with ET Online. He talked about his ongoing connection to the show, the exit of his partner Sharna Burgess, and his friendship with Season 28 contender Lauran Alaina. In the midst of all of that, he mentioned one thing that raised eyebrows with astute DWTS fans.

"I have the mirrorball, they can't take the actual mirrorball. And who knows, I may come back. They haven't said who the mystery dancer is yet."
A number of fans along with dance journalist Kristyn Burtt picked up on this tidbit and Kristyn noted it via her Twitter page. She said she wondered whether this supposed mystery dancer might be an additional surprise celebrity.

So far, it doesn't look as if Dancing with the Stars has been hinting at anything like that, and that is the type of developing those behind DWTS would usually hype quite heavily. However, some sort of surprise apparently is on the horizon.

Does this mean that perhaps Sharna Burgess or Artem Chigvintsev might be back for Season 28 after all? Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be the case. Rather, it seems likely that either Keo or Daniella would end up with a celebrity for DWTS if the speculation about one more celebrity is correct.

Additional speculation suggests that if there is a mystery 13th contestant, it may be a female from Nashville who will be paired with Keo. The thinking on that popped up on Twitter as some Dancing with the Stars spoilers fans noted that Keo was recently in Nashville with fellow pro Gleb Savchenko.

Gleb is supposedly partnering with Lauren and Bobby is based in Nashville. Bobby suddenly mentioning a mystery dancer just as an unattached pro cast member is spotted in the same area is definitely raising some eyebrows.

Ultimately, there may be nothing to this speculation. It could be that there's a mystery guest of some sort coming up or something else far less enticing than a surprise 13th celebrity.

One way or another, viewers should learn more during Monday night's Season 28 Dancing with the Stars premiere and it'll be interesting to see what this tidbit turns out to mean.