Former 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Horrifies Fans As Daughter Sophia Wears Black Latex Pants On NYFW Runway

Sophia Abraham is definitely proving to be a little fashionista. The 10-year-old daughter to former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham has been strutting the New York Fashion Week runway, with a new video landing on Sophia's Instagram page and showing fans her latest look. Sophia and Farrah may have made headlines together for appearing at the Venice Film Festival recently, but the mother-and-daughter duo has flown back stateside for the annual fashion event. Clearly, New York Fashion Week involved more than just sitting and watching for Sophia.

Sophia took to Instagram yesterday with a video of herself walking down the runway. She was seen wearing a black t-shirt with a slightly cropped finish and white lettering, although eyes were likely on the glossy, black latex pants that were paired with the casual top. Sophia completed her ensemble with trendy sneakers. Sophia's long, brown hair was worn down, and she appeared remarkably confident for someone so inexperienced in the world of fashion. Although Sophia may be considered a child celebrity, her background doesn't include much professional modeling experience.

Fans have been responding to the video with mixed feelings. While a fair amount of Sophia's followers seemed to think that the video was great, the post also received some backlash.

One fan queried the brand of apparel that Sophia was modeling for.

"Is this company really making clothing for 10 year olds?"
Another commenter seemed to be feeling uneasy about the whole affair.
"She looks uncomfortable."
"Your mom shouldn't be making you do this kinda stuff," one fan told Sophia.

"Poor girl. Can't even be a kid. WORK WORK WORK. Make that money for your momma," another user commented.

In this case, it seemed that the negative responses were leaning more towards Sophia's presence on the runway overall. Fans often appear to be conflicted when it comes to Sophia's high-profile appearances, with many feeling that she does not lead a normal life for her age.

One user simply stated that they felt Sophia's presence at the event wasn't appropriate, as per their comment.

"She should be in real school everyday interacting with kids her own age. Smh. Poor girl has no friends to play with and just be a kid"
Sophia's runway appearances now span two days in a row. As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, Sophia appeared on the New York Fashion Week catwalk in a white and pageant-style dress.

Fortunately for Sophia, kind words were left by some fans. In regard to the backlash, some fans seemed horrified at Farrah's parenting choices.

Farrah and Sophia shot to fame on MTV's 16 and Pregnant before appearing on Teen Mom OG. Farrah's eyebrow-raising activities saw her leave the franchise earlier this year, with Sophia also exiting. Fans wishing to see more of Farrah and Sophia should follow their Instagram accounts.