PoketyPoke At CES 2010, A Better Way To Remember Conference Calls

Poketypoke CES 2010

Just a quick post from CES about a company I ran into this morning called PoketyPoke. The premise of this website is simple, users enter in their future conference calls and PoketyPoke makes sure those calls are taken.

To use the service users simply forward their conference call email invites to the company with the dial-in info needed and the date and time of the call, that email is then confirmed by the PoketyPoke team. When the conference call time arrives Poketypoke automatically dials the number and sets up the call for the user, while simultaneously calling the user to connect them to the call, it even works with 2 way calling. They also send a 5 minute warning message so you’ll never miss your important conference calls again.

The service also lets users transcribe their calls as they occur while using the PhoneTag/Simulscribe voice-to-text transcription service.

The service is free to try and I recommend giving it a go if you have to take a lot of conference calls and you want them more closely monitored to ensure you catch all those important meetings.

PoketyPoke Screenshot CES 2010