Lea Michele Diagnosed With Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome

Television star Lea Michele has been diagnosed with a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). She told her story to Health Magazine in the hopes of helping other women who may be experiencing the same symptoms that drove the former Glee star to seek medical attention.

This common female ailment often goes undiagnosed as women suffer from the symptoms of the condition, which include reproductive issues, acne, and excess body hair. Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News' chief medical expert for Good Morning America, revealed that polycystic ovarian syndrome is a hormone abnormality, which affects one in 10 women. Dr. Ashton also explained that women with PCOS are five to seven times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.

Michele detailed her struggles to Health Magazine. As she approached her 30th birthday, she found out she had the health condition, The actress had many of the common side effects, including weight gain and bad skin. Michele then decided that she needed to take charge of her health by making a change to her diet that helped her tremendously in managing the symptoms of her PCOS.

The actress and former Broadway star revealed that when she was growing up, she had terrible skin, which was heartbreaking for the teen who made her Broadway debut at the age of 8 in the production of Les Misérables. She would follow up that with roles in the productions of Ragtime, Fiddler on the Roof, and Spring Awakening.

Michele revealed that she was put on several medications to help her skin. By the time she was in her late 20s, she decided she wanted to detox her body of all medications. It was then she realized that there was something terribly wrong with her overall health."I went to a great doctor, and the minute she looked at me, she was like, 'Oh, you have PCOS.' It explained everything. Through diet, I have been able to manage it," said the actress to Health Magazine.Michele also realizes just how fortunate she is, considering that many women struggle with more extreme versions of the disorder. Previously, she never discussed her struggle. Ultimately, however, she decided that if her story could help just one woman with similar symptoms go see a doctor, then it would be a good reason to reveal such an intimate detail about her life.

Lea Michele recently celebrated six months of marriage to husband Zandy Reich. The actress regularly uses Instagram to keep followers updated on her life and experiences, such as a recent post about her home, as reported by The Inquisitr.