Bobby Brown Reportedly Removed From JetBlue Flight After Altercation, Police Called In

Bobby Brown was removed from a JetBlue flight following some sort of altercation on Monday morning, TMZ reports. However, witnesses say that Brown wasn’t causing any trouble and that the airline was overzealous in having him removed.

Brown was boarding a flight from Los Angeles’ LAX bound for Boston when the incident happened. Brown, who was seated in First Class, apparently got into some sort of unidentified altercation. Whether or not that altercation was with a member of the flight crew or another passenger is unclear, as of this writing.

What is clear is that the incident caused the flight crew to remove everyone from the plane, while Brown was held at the entrance door. Then the police showed up to talk to him.

According to witnesses, at one time as many as four police officers surrounded Brown, who by this time had been moved to the seating area. Witnesses say that Brown was yelling that he had to get to his brother’s funeral. Brown, however, does not have any siblings who have died recently (a brother did die in 2016); a family spokesperson tells TMZ that one of Brown’s cousins, not his brother, had died.

Everyone except Brown was allowed back on the aircraft, which, according to flight records, was delayed by more than an hour. It’s not clear if Brown was arrested, but witnesses say he most definitely was not on the flight.

Witnesses also say that JetBlue was a bit overzealous in ordering Brown off the flight. A source tells TMZ that Brown had admitted to drinking prior to the flight taking off, but when told he wasn’t allowed any more hooch, didn’t raise a fuss.

Brown was in the news a couple of weeks ago for a much more bizarre reason. As BET reported, Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown, had said on social media that her brother had been struck by a hit-and-run driver and had broken both of his legs.

Through his attorney, Brown denied that any such thing had happened.

“There are reports circulating that Bobby Brown was hit by a car over the weekend and substantially injured both his legs. The reports are false and Bobby Brown was in Los Angeles enjoying time with his family this weekend. Mr. Brown was not struck by a vehicle over the weekend and statements from Leolah Brown to the contrary are fake news,” his lawyer said.

Earlier this year, as reported at the time by The Inquisitr, it was announced that Brown’s late wife, Whitney Houston, will be the star of a “hologram tour” and new album.

UPDATE: On Monday afternoon, JetBlue issued a statement that Brown was removed from the aircraft “after crewmembers observed indications of intoxication.”

“The decision to remove a customer from a flight is not taken lightly,” the airline said, further noting that Brown was offered a seat on a later flight, but that he declined and was given a refund.

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