An Australian ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Might Be A Chinese Spy, And She’s Allegedly Just Fled Oz For China

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Reality dating show The Bachelor is known for having its fair share of drama. However, it appears that the Aussie version might be taking normal drama to the next level. A contestant on the Australian show had previously been accused of being a Chinese plant — and now, she’s seemingly just fled back to China and has “dropped off the face of the earth,” per the Daily Mail.

Kristen Czyszek, 24, sparked rumors of a conspiracy almost immediately upon the beginning of the show, when she introduced herself in Mandarin to Bachelor Matt Agnew. She then repeatedly asked Agnew, as well as other contestants, if they had even been to the Asian country, as reported in a previous Daily Mail article.

“I’ve been living in China for the past two years,” she said. “Have you ever been to China? Yeah, no, you have to go to China.”

She proceeded to mention China no fewer than 10 times in the premiere alone. It was so overwhelming that both fans and other contestants felt compelled to bring up her obsession.

“I feel like Kristen has been paid by China to promote their country the way she is going on and on about it,” said fellow Bachelor contestant Rachael Arahill.

Fans of the show soon started digging into Kristen’s background. Though the television show said that she worked as a “China Researcher,” her LinkedIn account claimed she had worked as a communications associate for the China-Australia Chamber of Commerce, located in Beijing, as recently as 2018.

AustCham, as it is known, is a powerful and influential force, and claims that its goal is “the advancement of the broader Australia-China business relationship through the effective representation of its 250 members.”

Adding fuel to the fire is the allegation that Kristen was a “ghost” online. Though all the other contestants had social media profiles that had previous pictures and large social networks, Kristen created an Instagram account purely for the television show, and her only pictures were related to the program.

Odder still was the fact that every one of Kristen’s pictures had the caption in Mandarin as well as English. Instagram is currently banned in China, leaving many to wonder why the pretty blonde would bother with the double caption.

Now, the Daily Mail has added yet another piece to the puzzle, after it was reported that she has disappeared after her elimination from the program.

“She ran off to China and nobody heard anything from her for months,” a source revealed.

“She stopped responding to text messages and everything,” the insider added.

“It was as if she dropped off the face of the earth.”

Though she may not have responded to friends for months, she has been updating her social media, and posted a new picture earlier today.

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If my first post isn’t about China, have I really been to China?? So here I am... on one of the Great Wonders of the World: The Great Wall of China. These photos were taken moments before a terrifying storm and I literally thought my life was going to turn Bear Grylls where I would be lost in the mountains with no one to rescue me (and my friend taking these awesome photos @lkpgrm ????). We had to run along a very rocky, very steep path hoping not to trip and break a leg or get hit by lightning while also trying to find a way back to civilisation!! There wasn’t a single person around so it was actually very scary!! ???? But what a surreal day it was and luckily I’ve lived to tell the tale. 我的第一次发帖是和中国有关:这些照片是我在长城照的。那天我很害怕,因为照这些照片的时候遇上了暴风雨 。地上很不稳,山陡路险。但是我幸运地“活下来”了!???????? 所以今天才有机会可以给大家讲这个故事 ????

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Though many have taken Kristen’s disappearance as further proof of her sketchy identity, others have pointed out that the Australian beauty was upset after her elimination, and might have just wanted to return to a place where she felt happy and at home.

“It’s hard for this to be my goodbye,” Kristen had said during her final interview. “It was pretty tough putting myself out there, especially when I’m the one going home tonight.”

Perhaps the blonde beauty could take cues from Tyler Cameron, who was recently on the American version of The Bachelorette. The hunky contestant, after all, bounced back after his rejection by seemingly dating supermodel Gigi Hadid. Their alleged relationship is serious enough that he supported the star at her grandmother’s funeral in the Netherlands, as reported by The Inquisitr.