Former 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Slammed As Daughter Sophia Walks NYFW Runway In Pageant Dress & Full Makeup

Farrah Abraham's daughter has enjoyed her New York Fashion Week moment. As The Inquisitr reported on Sunday, the former Teen Mom OG star took to her Instagram stories to share footage of daughter Sophia wearing a full face of makeup and strutting her stuff down the annual event's catwalk. Of course, with the footage coming straight from the runway, it's likely that neither Farrah nor Sophia had the time to post a full Instagram update.

Sophia has since taken to Instagram with a video of herself modeling the white pageant-style dress she wore. The post served to alert anyone who might have missed the Instagram story, but it also permitted fans to comment.

It looks like Farrah is getting slammed, although fans would likely agree that seeing Sophia mostly shielded from criticism is a positive sign on an account that tends to generate controversy.

The most upvoted comment appeared to dislike Farrah's brief appearance in the video.

"And your mother howling like she's at a nightclub! How embarrassing!!"
A comment also came in voicing a theme that's been seen many times before – fans often appear uneasy with the way in which Sophia appears on social media.
"Let's hope when she'd older, she stops her mum using her and being a hang on, just try and get fame herself, she will even treat her mum like Farrah did herparents, shame she has not had nothing"
Another comment appeared fearful for Sophia's future.

"When this girl gets older...well time will tell how she grows...Scary," the user wrote with sad-face emoji.

Remarks regarding Farrah's excitement did seem prevalent.

"Sophia you looked beautiful but your mother spoiled YOUR moment with that hideous scream," one fan said.

Other remarks seemed to question whether Sophia's presence at New York Fashion Week was appropriate given her school age, with a fair few comments also suggesting that Farrah is somehow using her daughter. This, in itself, seems to be a hot topic amid fans of the MTV franchise. Farrah's daughter does lead a somewhat high-profile life, from her Venice Film Festival appearance to her ongoing and promotional-style Instagram updates.Fortunately for both Farrah and Sophia, the video didn't exclusively generate backlash. Sophia was told that she looked very beautiful in her dress. Nonetheless, the negativity was marked.

"She's a pawn or a cash cow in Farrah's eyes," a fan wrote, with others agreeing.

Farrah is no longer a member of Teen Mom OG. Fans wishing to see more of her should follow her Instagram.