Bethenny Frankel Shares Snaps Of The Devastation In The Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian

Craig BarrittGetty Images

Bethenny Frankel and her B-Strong charity are helping people impacted by Hurricane Dorian, and to bring attention to the devastation, she shared some snaps on Instagram that bring home the challenges that people are facing in the Bahamas.

The 48-year-old headed to the Bahamas, as The Inquisitr reported previously, to help and raise awareness for the impacted area. The former Real Housewives of New York star has a warehouse there where she is gathering donations to distribute to those in need.

She has also been gathering equipment necessary to help those who have have been hit the hardest, including things like chain saws, medical equipment, and generators.

“OK so our flights are now approved to take off. The Bahamian government is being accommodating & working with us. The good news is we are launching missions 9 days earlier than in PR #bstrong,” she tweeted.

She followed that up with a message describing what the charity’s goals were.

“Gearing up for our first #BStrong missions to provide aide in response to #HurricaneDorian. We will be providing crucial supplies, immediate medical support, and helping to evacuate those who weren’t able to leave their homes before the storm,” she said on Instagram.

On Friday, she posted images of her and her team on the ground in the area.

The images include the wreckage of what appears to have been a home reduced to rubble, Bethenny in a vehicle moving a generator, and her team near a home impacted by the storm.

Bethenny and some of her team wear shirts with the hashtag #thisisacrisis, the phrase meant to unite those trying to help the people devastated by the hurricane.

Earlier, the reality star shared images taken from their airplane as they flew over Abacos. The devastation is shocking, with homes missing and boats strewn across the land.

In her Instagram stories, she shared photos of the animals who were impacted by the storm. Many animals were being sheltered until new homes or their owners could be found, and Bethenny asked for help coming up with the money to care for the animals.

A member of her team also walked through the warehouse, showing the 100 plus pallets gathered for providing supplies.

So far, Bethenny’s BStrong program has raised $750,000 in aid funding. In one day, Bethenny posted that they were receiving $1,000 each minute, according to a previous post from The Inquisitr. The Skinny Girl mogul assured people that all donations were going to the relief effort.