WWE Rumors: Shane McMahon Missing From TV Due To Vince Forgetting About Him

For quite a while now, Shane McMahon has been a huge force on Tuesday nights as he has had a lot to do with SmackDown Live. He’s been involved in big angles and associated with top stars, such as Drew McIntyre, Elias, Roman Reigns, and The Undertaker. After losing to Kevin Owens at SummerSlam last month, Shane-O Mac has been strangely absent from WWE television and rumor has it that he’s simply been forgotten.

It was rather odd that Shane McMahon just disappeared after his feud with Kevin Owens ended, but it’s not like they don’t have plenty of other talent with which to work. It’s just that he’s been a primary figure on SmackDown for a long time and just fell off the face of WWE earth without any notice.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Ringside News, Vince McMahon is rumored to be the reason that Shane is off of TV. It is known that there have been a number of issues regarding the writing and scripts for the blue brand, which have been repeatedly torn up and rewritten by Vince over the last few months.

Dave Meltzer states that Vince is the guy who has been writing SmackDown Live episodes and he has simply “forgotten about his son’s angle.” If that report is to be believed, it’s not that WWE is without a program for Shane, but Vince just hasn’t been putting him on TV.

In the world of professional wrestling, rumors come about more often than actual news and that is the situation in this case. Meltzer is reporting that Vince had forgotten about his son and hadn’t written Shane into any angles, but that doesn’t appear to be the reality.

Ringside News stumbled upon some tweets which squash Meltzer’s account of what’s happening on SmackDown. There was a back-and-forth conversation tweeted out which states that Shane McMahon is actually in Chicago and has been there for jury duty.

It’s always kind of hard to know what to believe or what is pure speculation in wrestling, but this one is kind of easy. While it’s not out of the question to believe that Vince McMahon forgot about someone on the talent roster, that wouldn’t be expected to be Shane.

A photo was also posted on Twitter which showed Shane McMahon posing with a police officer as a fan said he was seen at jury duty. WWE’s talent roster is incredibly huge right now and there is a lot going on with SmackDown Live, but Shane-O Mac’s absence from television isn’t due to a case of amnesia.

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