‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: The Power Of Veto Competition Winner’s Revealed, A Huge Blindside Could Arise

Monty BrintonCBS

The latest Big Brother 21 spoilers from the BB21 house tease that there is some potential for things to get wild heading into the next eviction. The finale is right around the corner, and the core alliance remaining will be forced to make tough decisions soon. Based on the results of the Power of Veto competition, one of those hard decisions could come this week.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Jackson Michie won Head of Household once again. As had been anticipated, he nominated Tommy Bracco and Cliff Hogg for eviction. His target is Tommy, with Cliff as a pawn.

The Power of Veto competition was held on Saturday, and fans had noted that things could get interesting if Nicole Anthony won. Nicole would be guaranteed safety and could pull Cliff to safety, leaving only Holly Allen as a renomination option.

It didn’t necessarily seem all that likely that Nicole would win POV, as she hasn’t been a huge competition beast this season. Also, Jackson probably wouldn’t necessarily worry about nominating Holly, believing that alliance members Nicole and Cliff would evict Tommy over Holly.

However, if Cliff and Nicole were to look beyond their current alliance, it would be possible that they’d take this opportunity to break up Jackson and Holly, and work with Tommy instead.

As Twitter spoiler account @BB_Updates reveals, Nicole pulled out the POV win. Even though Cliff should be safe if he were to remain on the block, Big Brother spoilers indicate that Nicole does plan on saving him.

Will Nicole and Cliff blindside Jackson and Holly by keeping Tommy and splitting their existing alliance? Big Brother spoilers share that Jackson and Holly have considered the possibility and Holly is already feeling quite stressed.

Cliff and Nicole have talked about the possibility of flipping the vote, considering both the pros and cons. Big Brother spoilers reveal that they feel that Tommy is more of a threat than Holly, especially in terms of potential votes from friends on the jury. Nicole has even told Jackson that she’ll use the POV but still vote out Tommy.

However, Big Brother spoilers indicate that Nicole talked to the camera in a moment alone and confirmed she plans to take Cliff down during Monday’s POV ceremony. She added that she knows what the smart move is and she thinks it’ll happen.

Nicole confirmed that once Thursday hits, it’ll be her pushing hard with both Cliff and Tommy to win the Head of Household. That would mean that she is looking at evicting Holly, but Holly and Jackson won’t let that happen without a fight.

If Cliff resists voting out Holly rather than Tommy, it won’t be able to happen. They are the only two votes unless there is a tiebreaker, and Jackson obviously would keep Holly over Tommy.

The vote is days away, so almost anything can happen. Stay tuned for additional Big Brother 21 spoilers as the week progresses to see which route Nicole takes in terms of the next eviction.