After A Baby Puked On A Woman's Blouse, The Woman Demanded That The Mom Pay $2,200 To Replace it

An English mother claims that one of her cousins was holding her newborn baby when the child vomited on the cousin's designer blouse. And the cousin then demanded that the mother pay over $2,000 to replace it.

A couple of generations ago, whenever someone offended you, all you could do was tell your family and friends about it and hope for some commiseration and support. Nowadays, however, you can use the internet to share your story of offense with everyone in the world. Indeed, publicly shaming people has become one of the internet's more prominent uses.

And so it was that an English woman took to Reddit to complain about an incident that took place at a family event to introduce her new baby. The forum, entitled "Am I The A**hole?", is where users ask for the advice of other users to see if they're truly in the wrong. It seems as if the new mom was concerned that she might have been in the wrong in this case, and wanted other users' opinions.

The mother, whose name has not been revealed, said that she had recently given birth to "Charlotte," and invited friends and loved ones to meet the newborn lass.

baby girl paraphernalia such as booties and blankets
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Among the invitees was the mother's cousin, "Alice," and her parents. Alice, it seems, has expensive tastes, and showed up to the baby event wearing a £1,800 ($2,200) designer blouse.

Since you've already read the title and first paragraph of this article, you know what happens next: when it came time for Alice to hold the baby, Charlotte did what babies do and threw up. Unfortunately for Alice, Charlotte's aim wasn't great, and Alice's blouse became covered with the baby's projectile.

Alice, it seems, was livid. The mother says her cousin ran outside and sat in her car, inconsolable, for the remainder of the event.

Then came the kicker: Alice expected the new mom to pay the $2,200 to replace her blouse, as which point the mother stated she would not do so.

So does Reddit have her back?


The majority of respondents were appalled at Alice's chutzpah, writing such things as "[It's] common sense to not wear expensive clothing around newborns unless you are okay with risking this happening."

A few, however, were on Alice's side. Some suggested that perhaps Alice was pressured into holding the baby even though she didn't want to, risking her high-dollar garment in the process.

"In the end if your child ruins something it's up to you to pay for it even if it's not directly your fault," one user wrote.