Sarah Huckabee Sanders Blasted After Complaining About Attacks From Women

Joe RaedleGetty Images

Current Fox News contributor and former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was blasted after she claimed in an appearance on Fox News that she was “relentlessly” attacked by women.

The former White House press secretary and daughter of former Arizona Gov. Mike Huckabee recently made an appearance on Fox & Friends. According to The Hill, Fox News host Steve Doocy asked Sanders about attacks she received while working at the White House. Sanders was notably ejected from a Washington, D.C. restaurant when she was the president’s spokesperson.

The Fox News morning show host pressed the network’s new contributor on whether she still faced similar hurdles when going out in public, following her resignation from the White House. While Sanders noted that there is less trouble in her home state of Arkansas, she said she was surprised to find that, in her view, the majority of people who confront her are women.

“What I always find interesting is 99 percent of the people who come over to say something negative, and to attack you, are women,” Sanders said. “And I find that very startling from a group of people that claim to be the champions of women empowerment.”

Sanders said that she was surprised to face backlash from women, citing the fact that she was only the third woman in history to be named press secretary and the first mother to hold the title.

People on social media however, were quick to lash out at the conservative cable news commentator and pointed out reasons why women might be less than supportive of the 37-year-old’s tenure with the Trump administration.

“We don’t like gaslighting liars, Sarah,” one Twitter user charged.

Many took to their social media accounts to state that as the White House press secretary, Sanders was often responsible for defending the president, who has faced claims of sexism and even sexual assault.

“No thoughts. No prayers,” one user said on Twitter. “She should have considered not lying to us every single time she opened her mouth. She should have considered not defending a misogynist.”

Some Twitter users went as far to say that the 45th president’s administration set out to “destroy” women.

A June article from Vanity Fair profiled many instances where Sanders seemingly lied to defend her boss during her time at the White House. Some examples of this include when Sanders stated she was unaware of claims that President Trump had paid hush-money to adult entertainment star Stormy Daniels, when she said that President Trump had created more jobs for black Americans than his predecessor, and when she claimed that the president had never encouraged violence.