‘Outlander’ Shares Its First MacKenzie Family Photo On Instagram

Paul ArchuletaGetty Images

For Season 5 of Outlander, stills from the shoot are gradually being released, including one of the newly formed MacKenzie family on the land settled by Claire and Jamie Fraser.

TV Guide tipped Outlander fans off to the recently posted photo which includes Roger (Richard Rankin), Brianna (Sophie Skelton), and baby Jeremiah all looking casual on family land in North Carolina.

The photo shows Brianna, Roger, and the baby looking blissful as Bree gathers laundry and Roger holds a guitar outside the house at Fraser’s Ridge. Considering the hard time that they all went through in the previous season, it’s nice for fans to see the family looking happy, at least for a moment. But fans of the series and the novels knows that happiness is often fleeting in Outlander, especially since Bree traveled back in time to warn her parents about a fatal fire.

The photo was shared on the official Instagram page of Outlander with the suggestion that changes are on the way on the popular time travel series.

“@sophie.skelton and @rikrankin are going to blow you away in #Outlander Season 5. #STARZ.”

Many fans noticed that baby Jeremiah seems to have aged a lot since they saw him last, as he is sitting up on his own, and has a full head of hair.

But one clue that there might be a new baby or babies playing Jeremiah is a recent hire for the cast of Outlander, explains The Inquisitr. A set of 3-year-old twins were added to the cast, and their names are Andrew and Matthew.

A fan posted a message on social media, welcoming the boys to the show, and sharing some of the ground rules.

“Welcome boys to the Outlander madness, don’t pull the cat’s tail, no riding on Rollo the wolf dog, stay out of Grandma Claire’s medicine cupboard and no you can’t bring home snakes,” the fan wrote.

It’s not clear if the boys will be playing twins, or if the producers hired twins to play one role, similar to the way Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were cast to split one role on the show, Full House, back in the ’90s.

But it’s possible that Matthew and Andrew won’t be playing Jeremiah, but rather the baby belonging to Fergus and Marsali. According to César Domboy, who plays Fergus, his family will finally join Jamie, Claire, and the rest of the family on Fraser’s Ridge in Season 5 of Outlander, which makes it all the more likely that the new little twin cast members will appear as little Germain.