Kate Middleton Debuts New Lighter Hair Color For Fall

Aaron ChownGetty Images

While Princess Charlotte was taken to school on her first day along, with Prince George, by both of her parents, it was her mom, Kate Middleton, that attracted much of the attention looking like she got a special autumn makeover, including a new warmer hair color.

Town & Country revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge is leaning toward a warm honey auburn tone along with a new cut which frames and brightens her face. Middleton’s natural color is considered a rich brunette, and she looks to have gotten her color and highlights done just in time for back to school.

Allure Magazine says that this is the blondest that the Duchess of Cambridge has ever been, calling her new color caramel. Experts explain that Middleton usually goes darker for fall, but surprised royal watchers by deciding to go lighter this time.

Nikki Ferrara, senior colorist at Sally Hershberger Hudson Yards in New York City, says there are two ways to go about trying this color for yourself.

“You can do the low-maintenance approach and do a color-melting balayage that has a lot of area coverage to make you appear allover dark blonde. I like this approach best because it allows for dimension and incorporates some of the brown that you have naturally. It also grows out very nicely and only requires touch-ups every three to four months,” Ferrara explained.

If you don’t mind something a bit higher maintenance, she suggests that you make the base layer a shade lighter first, and then add golden highlights throughout, focusing on the hair that frames the face.

“You can expect to be at the salon as early as four weeks and can maybe go as long as eight weeks before you start really seeing a line of roots.”

Allure wonders if this is an indication that Kate might be working on going lighter all over gradually, but only time will tell.

Refinery29 reported that it wasn’t only Princess Charlotte who was diving into new changes for her first day of school, as her mom debuted a cut, color, and style that seemed very different from her usual wavy dark hair.

Middleton seems to be falling in line with the fall color trend, which is honey highlights, and she is also taking advantage of some long layers which have been blown out or flat ironed to look new and modern for the upcoming sweater season and cooler weather.