Wells Adams Reveals The Advice He Gives ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Contestants

When it comes to the reality television show, Bachelor in Paradise, drama is to be expected. Everyone goes into the whole experience with one goal in mind: to find lasting love. While the process has worked in the past and has resulted in marriages and even some children, it often involves a lot of tears and some broken hearts. There is typically a lot of craziness, including fighting, tears, and breakups. This past season, there was even a physical brawl. But the level headed one through it all has been Wells Adams, according to Refinery 29.

Adams is a Bachelor franchise alum himself, but he didn’t find love with anyone from the show. Instead, he found what he was looking for with Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland. The pair are now engaged and couldn’t be happier together. For the past couple seasons, Adams has returned to Bachelor in Paradise to play a very special role. He is the beach bartender. Of course, he does a lot more than just pass out drinks to the cast members. He’s known for being the most sane person on the beach and giving everyone advice when they need it the most.

It’s clear that things can heat up in paradise in a less-than-positive way. This was made evident this past season in the physical altercation between Christian Estrada and Jordan Kimball. A fight broke out between the two when Kimball smashed a pinata that Estrada offered as a gift to fellow contestant Nicole Lopez-Alvar. Kimball thought he was sticking up for his buddy, Clay Harbour, who was already pursuing a relationship with Lopez-Alvar. In the end, they both ended up getting kicked off the show.

In a recent interview, Adams and Hyland discussed the craziest moments from the show thus far, and the advice that Adams tries to give to the contestant when things get heated like they did that particular night. They need to get some perspective and remember who all is going to see their behavior play out on national television.

“My whole thing is I’ve been there before, I know what can happen if things don’t end up looking good, so I just want to give people good advice. A lot of times I’m like, ‘Hey man, you should cool it down a little bit. Your mom’s gonna watch this.'”

Adams went on to say that one of the weirdest and unexpected moments of this season has yet to happen.

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