‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Monica Is Desperate To Keep Drew’s Memories Intact

Craig SjodinABC Press

Coming up on General Hospital for the week of September 9, Andre Maddox will be the center of attention for many people in Port Charles, especially Elizabeth. She is desperate for Andre to do whatever it takes to restore Franco’s memories. However, Monica Quartermaine may not be quite so keen on jumping on that bandwagon just yet. She wants a bit longer with Franco who has Drew’s memories.

On Monday, Monica will pay a visit to both Franco and Andre. The previews that were shown on Friday revealed that she will confront Franco in his hotel room. He asks her what she wants from him. That has been pretty obvious since Monica has mentioned a few times that she would love to spend some time with “Frew” getting to know Drew’s past. The only way that can happen is if Franco shares them with her. Also on Monday, she will be spending time with Andre, as seen in the new General Hospital preview clip that was shared by ABC.

Andre revealed when he woke up last week that he was stabbed by someone. He was on his way back to Port Charles as he was needed to help with Franco. Unfortunately, someone wants him dead and they almost succeeded. Now he is expected to see if he can reverse Franco’s memories, but Monica may not want that, as she tells Andre. She is worried that he will be successful in restoring Franco’s memories, which also means erasing Drew’s in the process. She told him that if he is successful, she won’t get a chance to know who Drew was growing up.

Franco won’t agree to the memory reversal as Drew, at least for now. He may just give Monica exactly what she wants before Andre can work on him. General Hospital spoilers say that Liz is also getting desperate, but she is on the opposite end of this. She wants her husband back and it appears that she will do whatever it takes to do just that, especially after Cameron revealed that he saw his step-dad kissing Kim Nero in the park.

Things are moving fast and furious between “Frew” and Kim. She is confused and rumor has it that things may just go too far between her and Liz’s husband soon.

Will Franco spill all of Drew’s past to Monica before his memories are gone? Will Andre really be able to make things right again for Liz and Franco? Keep watching General Hospital this upcoming week to see if Monica gets her wish.