Actor William H. Macy Talks About How His Daughters Have Suffered Since His Wife Felicity Huffman's Arrest

William H. Macy is an accomplished actor known for playing Frank Gallagher on the hit show Shameless. He's also the husband of Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman, who is currently under intense scrutiny for her role in the highly publicized college admissions scandal. Huffman paid $15,000 to have her daughter Sophia Macy's SAT exam answers corrected so she could get into the college of her choice. She pleaded guilty to the crime and is awaiting sentencing, which will come next week. As the important date fast approaches, Macy is opening up about how this scandal has impacted his family, according to US Weekly.

On Friday, the prosecution team in this matter issued a court filing in which they told the judge what kind of punishment they'd like to see Huffman face as a result of her role in this scandal. They are asking that the star spend one month behind bars and pay a $20,000 fine. In addition, she would have to do 250 hours of community service work and spend a year under probation. They believe that if Huffman does actual prison time, it would hopefully show other celebrities that they can't get away with breaking the law and dissuade them from committing similar crimes.

Meanwhile, Huffman's family is sill reeling from the turmoil caused by her arrest and the media scrutiny that followed. In a recent statement, Macy explained how Huffman's arrest back in March tore apart his family and caused his daughters intense suffering. Sophia Macy is 19-years-old and Georgia Macy is 17-years-old. The girls have had to go through therapy in order to deal with the trauma that's occurred in the last several months and come to grips with what their mother did. While it will be difficult, he has hope that his family can heal in time.

"To be sure Felicity's relationship with her daughters exploded on March 12th and rebuilding that relationship will be a long process. But I also want you to know Felicity has raised two amazing young women. After her arrest Felicity found a wonderful family therapist and we've all been going (in various combinations) for the last few months. There is much to be done, and some of the hurt and anger will take years to work through, but we are making progress."
Macy went on to say that his daughter Sophia struggles to sleep at night.

"She still doesn't like to sleep alone and has nightmares from the FBI agents waking her that morning with guns drawn."